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Coffee Ingredients

Essential coffee ingredients: cup, soluble coffee, water

What’s coffee made of? All that aroma, flavor, color and texture… Is there a secret ingredient? Has something been added? The simple answer is that, unless you add your own sugar or milk, there should only be two ingredients in black coffee: water and coffee beans.

In most stores you will also find a great variety of products in which black coffee is already mixed with whitener, sugar, chocolate or other flavors. If a coffee product has any ingredients other than coffee, they should be listed on the pack.

Milk and sugar are the most common added ingredients

Coffee beans and water are the basic ingredients used to make coffee, but there are as many ways to make coffee as there are coffee drinkers.

You can use more or less water, add milk and sugar, use skimmed milk or cream, you can make it frothy, add a sprinkling of cocoa powder, a hint of chocolate… the possibilities are endless.

All NESCAFÉ coffees are made of 100% pure coffee beans. The only exceptions are our ready-made coffee mixes and mixtures. They contain other ingredients such as whitener and sugar, which are commonly added to coffee.

The NESCAFÉ range of coffees includes products such as NESCAFE Cappuccino or NESCAFÉ Choco Fudge, to name just a few. Varied, convenient and tasty!

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