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1.    What is NESCAFÉ One Song?

One Song is a NESCAFÉ activation aimed at providing a platform for contestants to share messages of inspiration through music. The winning songs/entries from each participating country will be used to compose ONE SONG to inspire Africa.

2.    How can I take part in the competition?

To take part in the competition, please visit our competition page at and follow the instructions provided.

3.    Where can I download the NESCAFÉ One Song track?

You can register and download the track on our competition page at

4.    How to download the track?

a.    Android Users:

      i.     Fill the form

     ii.     Click on “Participate”

     iii.     Click on “Download the track”

     iv.     You will be redirected to another page where the song will start to play

      v.     Click on the three dots • • •  

     vi.     Then click download

     vii.     The song will download automatically


b.    iPhone Users:

     i.     Fill the form

     ii.     Click on “Participate”

     iii.     Click on “Download the track”

     iv.     You will be redirected to another page where the song will start to play

     v.     Click on this icon  


     vi.     Scroll down then click on “Save to my files”

     vii.     The song will download automatically


c.    Mac Users:

     i.     Fill the form

     ii.     Click on “Participate”

     iii.     Click on “Download the track”

     iv.     You will be redirected to another page where the song will start to play

     v.     Click on the three dots • • •        

     vi.     Then click download


d.   Windows Users:

     i.     Fill the form

     ii.     Click on “Participate”

     iii.     Click on “Download the track”

     iv.     You will be redirected to another page where the song will start to play

     v.     Click “Right click” on the audio

     vi.     Scroll down then click on “Save audio as”

     vii.     Save file at your preferred destination on your desktop

     viii.     The song will download automatically

5.    Can I use my own track without using the One Song track?

No, you must use the current One Song track.

6.    Can I re-edit the One Song track?

No, you have to work with the current One Song track.

7.    Does my entry have to cover the entire track?

No, you may use any part of the track that suits your style, however your entry should be no longer than 1 minute.

8.    What is the theme?

This year’s theme is, MORNING MOTIVATION. We have provided the lyrics for the chorus to support your verses.

9.    Do my lyrics have to carry a morning motivation theme?

Yes. The purpose of the song is to inspire and motivate our community to get on with their hustle and chase their dreams every morning. Please do not sing about any other themes such as love.

10.   Is it mandatory to use the provided lyrics for the chorus?

Yes, your chorus must consist of the provided lyrics below:




11.  Is there an age limit for participation?

You must be 18 years or older.

12.  Do I need to be a professional musician to participate?

No. As long as you are 18years and above, you can participate.

13.  Who can participate in the NECAFÉ One Song contest?

You must be an African who currently resides in any of the six countries: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria or Senegal.

14.  I am not a citizen but resident in the country, can I participate?

Yes. You can be a citizen of another African country who resides in any of the listed countries. Your entry will however be tagged as representing your country of residence.

15. Can I partner with someone to participate?

Yes, but the entry will be considered as a single entry, regardless of the number of people who collaborated to create it.

16.   Is there a limit to the number of songs I can enter?

No. Participants or a joint group of participants, may submit multiple entries, but no more than three (3) entries per person.  

17.  Can my lyrics be in multiple languages?

Yes. You can sing your song in English, French or any African language, but you must also send your written lyrics to us in either English or French.

18.  Can I record my video with my smartphone, or do I need a professional video camera?

No, you do not need to use professional recording equipment for the song or video. You may use your smart phone for both.

19.   Do I need to have a NESCAFÉ product in my video?

Yes. Please ensure that you show how you make your favourite NESCAFÉ in your video. Showing the product clearly is required.

20. How do I submit my song?

Submit your video by posting it on your social media page with the hashtags #NESCAFÉOneSong2 and #NESCAFÉOneSong[yourcountry] (e.g. NESCAFÉGhana) or send your entry to our NESCAFÉ page via direct message if you are set on private. Do not forget to submit your lyrics in English or French as well.

21.  How long should my video be?

Your video should not be longer than one (1) minute.

22.   What video format should my entry be in?

Your video can be in MP4 or MOV. format.

23.   How and where should my lyrics be submitted?

Lyrics should be included in the posting caption and/or via direct message to us in English or French along with your video.

24.   What is the deadline for entries?

Entries close at midnight on November 7th, 2021.

25.  Can I submit my entry to both my Facebook and Instagram pages?

No, entries must be made only once on your preferred platform. We recommend posting to the platform where you have the most followers for maximum votes.

26.  What are the grounds for disqualification?

Any submission which does not follow the entry instructions and the Terms & Conditions will be disqualified.

27.         How will I be sure that my video has been seen by NESCAFÉ?

You can rest assured that your entry will be viewed when the correct hashtags #NESCAFÉOneSong2 and #NESCAFÉOneSong[yourcountry] are used and your profile is set public. Our team reviews the entries daily.

28.   Will I be contacted if my entry is submitted?

Yes. All entries will be acknowledged via our social channels. Applicants will be shortlisted, and winners selected. If you are a winner, your contact information will be requested via the social platforms, and you will be contacted via phone, WhatsApp or SMS.

29.   Will I be notified if my entry is shortlisted?

Yes, you will be notified, and your entry will be re-posted to the NESCAFÉ page.

30.   Do I still own the copyrights to my song once it has been entered into the contest?

NESCAFÉ shall co-own the intellectual property rights on all songs that are created and submitted by participants for the competition. Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further details.

31.  How will the winner of the NESCAFÉ One Song be selected?

Entries will first be shortlisted by the NESCAFÉ team to the final five (5) per country and final winners will then be selected via popular votes on our website.

32.  Can I sponsor my video? Can I boost it?

No. It is not permitted to use paid media to sponsor/promote your entries, as it may skew the public voting for winner selection.  However, we do encourage you to push and rally support for your entries organically as much as possible.  

33.   When will the winners be announced?

Winners will be announced by early December.