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Our Planet

We respect our planet because we need to protect the landscapes that produce our delicious coffee today, for it to continue doing so tomorrow. We develop new farming techniques to protect and conserve natural resources.

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Using scare resources sustainably

Meet Pham, he’s a coffee expert working for NESCAFÉ in Vietnam who keeps coming up with clever ideas to help farmers use scarce resources sustainably. Pham helped 20,000 Vietnamese farmers measure rainfall and ground moisture with tin cans and plastic bottles. So now, farmers only irrigate crops when they have to. Go Pham!

  • natural water springs are protected by 70,000 native trees in Brazil

  • micro basins with improved water quality in Colombia

  • soil analyses conducted for more than 3,600 farmers in Kenya

Reducing water waste

Reducing water waste

Widespread irrigation enables higher coffee yields. But that’s a lot of water. NESCAFÉ is training thousands of farmers in Vietnam, to reduce water use by 40%, while maintaining quality and productivity. With more efficient irrigation, there’s more water for everyone else.

  • domestic wastewater cleaning systems installed to avoid contaminating rivers and streams in Brazil

  • Colombian farmers able to better manage water resources

  • reduced water consumption in Vietnam and 20% reduction in chemical fertiliser