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NESCAFÉ's journey to a circular system in coffee production

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NESCAFÉ's journey to a circular system in coffee production

NESCAFÉ is on a journey towards a circular system, aiming to help farmers improve their water efficiency use in agriculture and power our factories with biofuel.  As well as making our packaging reusable, or recyclable by 2025. It’s a change in waste management, cleaner energy and innovation that helps make a positive difference.

Good things come in good packages

NESCAFÉ wants to keep coffee fresh, and our customers informed, while making a positive difference. NESCAFÉ is working to improve the sustainability of our packaging in line with Nestlé's ambition of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging.

In 2025, 95% should already be achieved. By refilling your glass jar with NESCAFÉ’s light-weight soft packs, you can help reduce your waste with a packaging that uses 97% less packaging weight per gram of coffee, compared to our NESCAFÉ Gold Blend 200g jar. NESCAFÉ is committed to using more recyclable paper for its in-store print ads. All those initiatives will help Nestlé to reach the ambition of 1/3 reduction of virgin plastic by 2025. Every positive change helps to make difference.

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Something in the water

Water is one of the world’s most precious natural resources and our coffee can require a lot of it to grow. At NESCAFÉ, we recognise the water needs of local communities. Today, NESCAFÉ is supporting farmers to grow coffee with solutions that aim to protect water resources.

For example, in Vietnam, we’ve helped farmers use 50% less water for irrigation than previous practices, helping maintain the same productivity, and provided smart weather apps to tell them when to turn on the taps and when to turn them off to help conserve water for their communities. In our Vietnam coffee factories, we’ve helped to improve water efficiency and saved the equivalent of over thousands of Olympic sized swimming pools of water every year. Using less water in coffee production helps improve water conservation in local communities, and supports saving water. That’s why NESCAFÉ aims to continue to help farmers do more with less water.

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“NESCAFÉ aims to improve the sustainability of our packaging, following Nestlé's ambition of 100% recyclable or reusable packaging. In 2025, 95% should already be achieved.”

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Helping the NESCAFÉ coffee world turn a little better

NESCAFÉ is inspired to change how its coffee is grown, sourced, manufactured, packaged, and consumed. Every time you enjoy your favourite NESCAFÉ, you join millions of other people choosing a coffee which is working to help the environment and inspire coffee drinkers to make positive changes when enjoying their coffee. Every day, NESCAFÉ is on a journey towards a circular system.

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