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Discover your Origins Blend

The coffee cherries used in our NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins range borrow unique characteristics from their specific region. So whether you prefer an intense flavour, or something fruitier, there is an origin to stir your senses. Take our quiz to discover the blend for you!

1. Do you prefer a light or dark coffee roast? (Light roasts have a subtle, delicate taste whilst dark roasts have a rich, fuller flavour)

2. Do you prefer coffee blends made from Arabica or Robusta beans? (Arabica coffee is floral and fruity, whilst Robusta has woody, earthy notes)

3. Which coffee occasion do you want a new blend for?

You should try Cap Colombia!

NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Cap Colombia is crafted from Arabica coffee beans handpicked in the Huila region of Colombia. This results in a delicate and fruity flavour profile.

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You should try Uganda-Kenya!

NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Uganda-Kenya combines Kenyan Arabica beans with Ugandan Robusta beans. The result is a deliciously spicy, but subtle, flavour profile.

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You should try Alta Rica!

NNESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Alta Rica is crafted from Arabica beans grown in the tropical high altitudes of Latin America. This results in a deliciously bold flavour profile.

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You Should Try Indonesian Sumatra!

NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Indonesian Sumatra is crafted from Robusta coffee beans handpicked high up in the tropical Indonesian jungle. This results in a smoky and aromatic flavour profile.

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Bold and Intense

Discover the bold, sensual flavour of coffee beans from Latin America.

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Fruity and Delicate

Passionately crafted with single origin Arabica coffee beans from Colombia.

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Subtle and Spicy

Combines Arabica beans from Kenya with bolder Robusta beans from Uganda.

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Smoky and Aromatic

Coffee beans handpicked by farmers high up in the tropical jungle of...

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