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Expertly crafted roast and ground coffee

We believe coffee helps you stay curious about the world around you. So why not stir things up with our new NESCAFÉ AZERA Ground Coffee Bags? Open up the door to a world of unforgettable aromas and carefully created blends with the roasted ground coffee taste you love. Now in a convenient format for a truly exceptional NESCAFÉ AZERA coffee experience. Try our new compostable coffee bags today!.


What are coffee bags?

Our coffee bags are similar to tea bags except instead of tea in the bag, inside you’ll find roasted and freshly ground coffee. All you need do to enjoy fresh roast ground coffee is to pop the bag in your mug and add hot water. It’s that simple.

NESCAFÉ AZERA Ground Coffee Bags are available in intense and smoky Americano Dark Roast or smooth and fruity Americano Blend in packs of 10.


Winner of the Product of the Year Award

Our NESCAFÉ AZERA Coffee Bags took home the 2020 Product of the Year Award in the coffee category*! Our smart coffee bags were voted for by over 10,000 consumers via independent research conducted by global research group, Kantar. So, when you choose our innovative coffee bags you can be assured that you’re purchasing coffee that’s cherished by all.

*Winner Coffee Category. Survey of 10,601 people by Kantar

Discover our range

Intense and Smoky

Try our Americano Dark Roast Coffee Bags for a dark, fresh ground coffee...

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Smooth and Fruity

Try our smooth Americano Blend coffee bags for fresh ground coffee without fuss.

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Send your taste buds into a whirlwind of bold flavours and tantalising aromas every time you choose our new NESCAFÉ AZERA Ground Coffee Bags. The first ever coffee bags expertly crafted for hot and cold brew will give you a truly varied coffee-drinking experience.


If you love our ground coffee bags, don’t forget to explore the rest of our amazing blends in the NESCAFÉ AZERA coffee range. From the creamy-tasting NESCAFÉ AZERA Nitro Salted Caramel Latte, to the rich and fruity NESCAFÉ AZERA Americano, there is so much delicious coffee to experience for the curious ones!




How is this different to NESCAFÉ AZERA instant coffee?

Our coffee bags are made with 100% Roast & Ground coffee. However, you’ll still find the types of tastes you love in our Americano Blend and Americano Dark Roast variants.


Why didn’t you use NESCAFÉ AZERA instant coffee in the bags?

Our natural brand curiosity led us to work on this piece of innovation. Available as intense and smoky Americano Dark Roast or smooth and fruity Americano Blend, these coffee bags bring high quality ground roast coffee into the mainstream. Making great tasting coffee without any of hassle. No more expensive, time consuming and complicated caffetieres, AeroPresses and percolator gadgets, NESCAFÉ AZERA Ground Coffee Bags remove the hassle out of making superior tasting coffee.


How do you make a coffee using coffee bags?

All you need do to enjoy fresh roast ground coffee is to pop the bag in your mug and add hot water. It’s that simple. To make your own cold brew, simply add cold water to the bag and leave overnight to enjoy a smooth and full flavoured cold brew at home.


What is a cold brew coffee?

Cold brew is when coffee is slowly extracted over a longer period of time without heat. Often this comes to life as coffee brewed in cold/room temperature water over night / for 12 hours. The benefits of cold brew are a smoother, less bitter cup