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   Our tasters go to great lengths to make Nescafé coffee truly delicious. Try our varieties for yourself; you'll soon discover why our experts give all of our drinks the Professional Seal of Approval.

لماذا نستخدم متذوقي القهوة المهنيين?

All respected coffee companies have their own professional tasters. This is the only way to guarantee quality and durability. We need very skilled tasters because coffee has a lot of flavors and aromas combined.

It takes years of practice and experience to define and judge the flavors and aromas of coffee. Professional coffee tasters are so skillful that almost everyone is expected to have almost complete agreement on the exact properties of each coffee they taste.

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    • بعد الحصاد

       After picking the cherries undergo grinding. In this process, the outer fruits as well as the skin-like portion around the beans are eliminated. The end result is called green coffee, and quality control at this stage is essential. Our experts work closely with coffee suppliers in all countries of origin to ensure that the coffee we use deserves the world-famous NESCAFÉ name.

    • قبل إرسال القهوة

        We work closely with all of our coffee suppliers through a network of six specialty coffee quality control centers around the world. Together we make sure our coffee is stored and handled to high standards of hygiene. We also help coffee suppliers take the latest measures to ensure food safety. Finally, in these quality control centers there are professional tasters who carefully check the quality of our coffee before it is dispatched.

    • في مصانعنا

      When the coffee beans arrive at our Nescafé factories, a final quality test is performed before using the coffee to make your favorite Nescafé. There is a professional tasting team in every Nescafe factory around the world. Satisfying the gastronomic glands is just one of the many quality tests that help ensure the fresh and delicious taste in every cup of Nescafe.

    لغة تذوق القهوة

    ما هذا?

    Many experts in the coffee tasting profession use a book called the Sensory Lexicon. The book is like an inside guide to just how strong the different flavors can be in coffee. It contains over a hundred different flavors of coffee and is organized into groups such as:

    • Floral, spicy, sweet, and cocoa
    • Fruits, green / vegan, roasted, grains and nuts.
    • Includes the "sweet" flavor group

    There can be many flavors in each group. For example molasses, molasses, maple syrup, brown sugar, caramel, honey and vanilla


    لماذا نستخدمه?

    Coffee tasters use the sensory lexicon to help them judge the subtle differences between coffee. It can help tasters to know if the way the coffee was grown, ground and roasted has affected the final taste.

    Perhaps it was the type of soil where the plants were grown that made the difference. Or maybe the way it was released and fed. Even the type of bags the beans are stored in can alter the final taste.

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    تعلّم الأساسيات

    مهارات التذوق

    To be considered a professional examiner, you must be an expert in -cupping - the technique of identifying the combined flavors and aromas of coffee. You will learn about

    • You will learn about the 36 essential smells present in the aroma of coffee
    • Sensory skills. How to judge the strength of flavors such as sweet, sour and bitter.
    • Colleagues calibration. Blindly tasting coffee to judge by the judgment of experienced tasters

    كيف تصبح ذواق للقهوة

    You will need to pass a lot of tough exams and exams. It is definitely not easy! If you do an internet search of coffee tasting courses, you will likely find a local organization that can help you obtain professional training. You will need a great deal of dedication to learn and take exams and practical tests that will unlock your coffee tasting skills and knowledge.


    معرفة القهوة

    Coffee connoisseurs should also know about the journey that coffee is taking. This helps them find ways to improve the quality of the coffee before it reaches your cup. You have to know about:

    • Coffee Essentials. The agriculture and science behind the coffee journey
    • The science of coffee processing. How is coffee stored, ground and roasted
    • Coffee quality. How coffee is processed during its journey and how it can affect its final quality


    تذوق جودة قهوة نسكافيه NESCAFÉ

    Our tasters strive to make every Nescafe coffee truly delicious every time. Experience our diversity for yourself; you'll soon discover why our experts grant all of our drinks the Professional Seal of Approval.

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