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NESCAFÉ Tiramiss’u

Ready for an adventurous dessert inspired coffee?



What you need

  • 90 ml hot water
  • 6g NESCAFÉ Gold
  • 400 ml cream
  • 40 ml caramel syrup
  • 40 ml Tiramisu syrup
  • 1 teaspoon Pure NESCAFÉ Gold
  • 200 ml cold milk
  • Cocoa powder

Measuring Cup




Whipped Cream Siphon


Create It!

Tiramissu Cup Drink
    • Prepare the coffee base by adding NESCAFÉ Gold to the hot water
    • Mix the milk, caramel syrup, tiramisu syrup and 1 teaspoon of NESCAFÉ Gold to pour into the siphon
    • Pour the coffee base in a cup and gently pour the tiramisu syrup and cream over it
    • Garnish with cocoa powder

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لذيذة، لكن يفضل دعمها بصور
2 years ago By محمد الصالح
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Submitted 2 years ago By محمد الصالح

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NESCAFÉ Tiramiss’u

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