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NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Uganda-Kenya


Discover NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins and immerse your senses in a uniquely rich flavour experience. Stir your senses with the balanced blend of fruity, spicy overtones and mild earthy notes in NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Uganda-Kenya. This deliciously premium instant coffee combines Arabica coffee beans from Kenya and bold Robusta coffee beans from Uganda to make a beautifully balanced blend.

Relax, enjoy the now and savour the distinctive taste of this premium blend.

A well-rounded, smooth coffee with a rich aroma. The Arabica and Robusta coffee beans have been carefully selected, then roasted to bring out their natural flavour. The result is a delicious coffee that helps make everyday

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Coffee facts
  • Made from

    Made from

    Green coffee

  • Good to Know

    Good to know

    Highly rich in antioxidants

  • grow in

    Grow in

    Uganda and Kenya

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NESCAFÉ offers a range of blends to cater for all different tastes.

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NESCAFÉ Affogato



  • 6g
    NESCAFÉ Gold
  • 1-2 scoops
    Vanilla ice cream
  • 90ml
    hot water
  • Cookie crumbles for garnish

Method of Preparation

• Ice cream scoop
• Measuring cup
• Scale


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