The origins

Exploring the origins tastes better

Across the earth, meet the farmers who grow coffee in harmony with nature. Welcome to a world of better taste where these passionate farmers’ commitment to coffee and the planet means making choices taste better. Discover the one-of-a-kind goodness in each origin and make your choice to stand with farmers and their communities

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In a mountainous land known for its world-class coffee comes one of the most delicious coffees, perfect for decaffeination.  Made only with Arabica beans, NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Colombia Decaffeinato is a coffee worthy of its origin. 


Espresso colombia
Espresso coffee
Icon Capsule Colombia
Exquisite classic fruity notes
Intensity 6

Travel south through Latin America and arrive in Brazil. Here, coffee is king. From the hill-top plantation to savannah plains, the farmers grow their coffee bathed in sunshine. It delivers the smoothest of characters – taste it yourself in NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Brazil Lungo

Lungo coffee
Lungo coffee
Icon Capsule Brazil
Smooth toasted & cereal notes
Intensity 8
3 Americas

The farmers of Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua have this in common – rich volcanic soils, varied microclimates, and high altitudes – all keys to coffee that tastes better. They also share a passion for respecting their fertile lands and bringing you quality in every cup. And still, each origin brings one-of-a-kind flavors to NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins 3 Americas Lungo – do you taste all that goodness? 


Lungo coffee
Icon Capsule 3Americas
Delicious nutty & smoky notes
Intensity 8

From the lush tropics of southern India comes an Arabica coffee alive with exciting spice notes. The farmers grow their coffee under the shade of their native trees, and you can taste the exotic biodiversity in every sip of NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins India Espresso


Espresso coffee
India Capsule
Cocoa & dark roasted notes
Intensity 9

Ethiopia and Uganda – coffee was born here. And these farmers take care of this heritage when they grow the Arabica and Robusta beans we chose for NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Africas Ristretto. A strong roast makes this one intense without losing any of its delicious wild berry sweetness. 


Ristretto coffee
Icon capsule africas
Sweet & wild berry notes
Intensity 10
Farming with care tastes better
A world-class coffee origin is more than a question of geography and climate. When farmers tend to these lands and cultivate their crop with care, that’s about making choices taste better. Their commitment to their coffee and the planet makes it possible for us to enjoy the full potential of each coffee’s unique aromas and flavors.

The farmers who grow the coffee in NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins share our common goal – to grow coffee in a way that respects the earth and delivers good quality. We work closely together to build sustainable ecosystems that are good for both the crops and communities. 

NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins supports these farmers in building a healthy future for coffee. Taste the passion and dedication that goes into every bean born from these lands - coffee perfected by the hands of its farmers

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