Recycling culture

Choosing to take responsibility tastes better

A cup of NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins goes beyond great tasting coffee. It’s about the little choices that make a big difference. 

We reimagined the lifecycle of coffee – one choice at a time. It begins with how we source our beans and goes all the way to how our capsules are recycled or given a second life. And it’s simple. Who said choosing good had to be complicated? 

Woman holding cup
Ready to play your part and recycle your capsules?
Recycling points

Choose from one of our easy drop-off options.

Recyclable forever

We make our capsules out of aluminium. It’s the best choice of material to lock in all those delicious flavors and keep your coffee fresh for longer. But it’s also the best choice for our planet. You can recycle aluminium infinitely – that’s right, again and again, and again. Or you can give your capsule a second life – watch it return as a new aluminium object, like a pen, or a bicycle, or a baseball bat!

Coffee capsule
Better for your coffee

Keeping out the elements that rob those beans of their great taste, this is the material that keeps your coffee farm-fresh.

Coffee plantation
Better for the planet

Easy to recycle… again and again and again. 

Farmer with you
Better for farmers and their communities

Taste the origins in every sip.

How you make good coffee taste better

A sustainable future begins with today’s choices. When you recycle your NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins capsules, you can feel good knowing you were a player too, in making this sustainable coffee even better.

Make recycling easy for you
Recycle more and more and keep finding new ways to reuse our aluminium