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NESCAFÉ Cafe Creations Sachet updates

Message for our NESCAFÉ Café Creations drinkers

Due to supply constraints, for a period of time, some of our NESCAFÉ Café Creations range will be packed in our generic sachet. Rest assured, the coffee inside is still the same delicious coffee you know and love.


We expect supplies to return back to normal in early 2022 and a generic sachet will be used until then. We thank you for your understanding.



NESCAFÉ Café Creations affected

  • NESCAFÉ Cookies and Cream 10 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Cappuccino Decaf 10 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Hazelnut 10 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Mocha 10 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Latte 10 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Cappuccino 26 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Caramel 26 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Hazelnut 26 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Mocha 26 pack
  • NESCAFÉ Scorched Almond Mocha 26 pack