Bringing coffee to China

Bringing coffee to China

Our pioneering agronomist, Jan De Smet convinced us that coffee could grow in the land of tea. With his know-how and a group of innovative Chinese farmers, we made it happen. Now 15,000 farming families are producing delicious Arabica coffee in the Yunnan province.


of Vietnamese farmers are keeping records, improving the management of their farms


plantlets have been distributed in Mexico, increasing productivity by 81%


of additional farm revenue in Colombia, thanks to 45 million leaf rust tolerant plantlets

Three amigos grow better trees

Three amigos grow better trees

Jose, Fernando and Andrea, scientists at our NESCAFÉ R&D Farm in Mexico, have spent 20 years developing the ultimate coffee super-tree. It naturally fights disease, is less thirsty, and produces super juicy coffee beans too. Nice work amigos! 


farmers across Central America received over 13.5 million leaf rust tolerant plantlets


of coffee farming land is revived in Brazil with the distribution of 21 million plantlets


yield improvement for farmers fully adopting the Good Agricultural Practices in Kenya

Same space, more trees

Same space, more trees

NESCAFÉ produces plantlets that enhance tree density, so that less land space is used. With more trees being able to grow on the same area of land, coffee farmers in Indonesia are able to get 30% better yield and also reduce costs. Win, win.


Productivity in Thailand is tripled by adopting grafting practices which reduce costs


increased productivity in Ivory Coast, helping farmers improve their living conditions


kilograms of coffee per hectare in China — the highest Arabica yields in the world