Meet the darkest roast of NESCAFÉ – ALTA RICA. It’s rich, bold and smouldering.

  • NESCAFÉ Alta Rica


Prepare for your intense premium coffee experience. Exhilarate your taste buds as you savour the bold taste of NESCAFÉ Alta Rica and its toasted malt notes. An exquisite coffee, just right for coffee connoisseurs everywhere.

Creating a most sophisticated coffee requires great passion and only first class Arabica coffee beans, grown in fine coffee regions of Latin America. So naturally, our expert roasters take tasty Latin American Arabica coffee beans and deliciously dark roast them, releasing their strong and intense flavour.

With over 75 years experience, our roasters are passionate about creating premium coffee, with a distinct taste and intense aroma, guaranteeing you a smouldering, delectable coffee moment.

  • Our darkest NESCAFÉ roast: a bold coffee with a distinctive flavour
  • Made 100% Arabica coffee beans from Latin America
  • Part of the NESCAFÉ Collection family
  • Responsibly grown through sustainable farming practices
  • Specially designed jars keep your coffee tasting delicious to the very last cup


Serving Size (g) 1,8
Per serving  
- Energy (kcal) 2
- Fat (g) 0,0
- Protein (g) 0,2
- Carbohydrate (g) 0,0

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