NESCAFÉ Cans Ipoh White Coffee

Want local coffee that has that deliciously creamy taste and flavour? NESCAFÉ Cans Ipoh White Coffee has just that in every can.

  • Cans Ipoh White Coffee


When you want a smooth, sweet, yet refreshing kick of coffee, look no further than NESCAFÉ Cans Ipoh White Coffee. A delicate blend of coffee, milk and sugar, this is a delicious, ready-to-drink coffee that has that every bit of Ipoh taste in every can.

It’s made with the finest blend of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, perfectly roasted and distinctively blended with milk to give you that great local taste in every sip.

  • A deliciously smooth coffee in a can
  • Intense and soothing aroma
  • A great balance of coffee, milk and sweetness
  • Distinctively blended to give you that same great local taste


Serving Size (ml) 240
Per serving  
- Energy (kcal) 133
- Fat (g) 2,6
- Protein (g) 3,4
- Carbohydrate (g) 24

Searching for a different taste ?

Over the years things have changed from “Would you like a coffee?” to “What kind of coffee do you want?”, so we’ve made sure we have a NESCAFÉ for every experience.

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