Roll Out The Green Carpet


We believe the secret to fresh, great-tasting coffee is to work with nature, not against it. That's why our Brazilian partner farmers use state-of-the-art farming techniques combined with ecological methods that reduce the environmental impact of their modern farms.

One method includes planting lush green grass beneath the fierce Brazilian sun and the canopy of coffee trees. This bed of luxuriant, cool grass plays a vital part in the ecosystem and our commitment to natural coffee growth.

A green carpet of grass protects the soil from the baking sun, keeping it cool and moist while preventing the spread of pesky weeds without needing so much artificial herbicide. It's called microshading – and it’s just one of the ecological farming methods our Brazilian partner farmers use to reduce the environmental impact of their farms.

Using less herbicide is better for the farmer's wellbeing as well as their coffee. That's why we're so proud to work with coffee farmers who are open to natural innovations that protect not just their crops but also their livelihoods. So raise a cup to good health... or ‘saúde!’ as they say in Brazil.

green farm

Incorporating Natural Techniques

Many Brazilian NESCAFÉ coffee farmers have begun to incorporate natural techniques. As corroborated by the Rainforest Alliance.

Enjoy More Stories Of Respect

Three portraits in frames show a man kissing a woman's cheek, women carrying tree leaves and a couple holding a plantlet.

Coffee’s In Our Blood

We've worked with Mexican coffee farmers for generations, even partnering with the children and grandchildren of the first farmers we helped.
 A green clock made with a repeating pattern of green symbols similar to the NESCAFÉ accent mark.

Seconds To Make, 15 Years To Breed

We're committed to breeding better, climate-resistant coffee trees which produce even more flavorful beans.
Coffee beans painted like the flags of Cote D'ivoire, Costa Rica and Mexico.

We Stand By Coffee-Growing Countries

Through crisis and strife, we never give up on our coffee-growing countries. We strive to create a positive livelihood that helps our partner farmers feed their families.
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No Need To Boil

Did you know that NESCAFE doesn't need boiling water? You’ll save a whole lot of energy by using less heat.