Our Promise


There’s probably nothing worse than waking up on a Monday morning to discover all the coffee is gone, right? Absolutely none. But what if there was no more coffee ever again? Climate change, crop disease, poor farming techniques and mass migration from farming regions to cities has made this scenario a real possibility. But NESCAFÉ is helping to tackle some of these issues and giving coffee farmers a reason to feel proud again.

Through the NESCAFÉ Plan and Farmer Connect we’ve made a commitment to help secure the future of coffee. By making sure coffee farmers grow viable, healthy crops, and that coffee farming remains sustainable, the NESCAFÉ Plan helps to ensure that the day never comes when coffee lovers have to wake up without their favorite drink.

It all starts with a NESCAFÉ.

NESCAFÉ has a special responsibility to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy great tasting, affordable coffee – now and in the future. Our mission is to protect the future of coffee for those who enjoy drinking it, and those who make a living growing it.

To turn this goal into reality we’ve teamed up with the Rainforest Alliance, the Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN), and the Common Code for the Coffee Community (4C) to ensure we are following internationally-recognized sustainability standards. Across the board, NESCAFÉ is raising the standard of sustainable production at every stage of the coffee journey, from the coffee farm to the jar.

As part of the NESCAFÉ Plan, we are working in many ways to reduce our environmental footprint. We are employing cleaner, natural refrigerants, converting waste into energy, using cleaner energy sources.

A lot of our efforts are focused at a local level and answer the specific environmental and social needs of the local communities.



As the world’s favorite coffee brand, we want to make sure that the future is bright for coffee, both for those that like to drink it and those that grow it.

We love our coffee farmers and we want to see them succeed in their coffee farming businesses. This is what drives the NESCAFÉ Plan. As a result, we made a commitment to invest $360 million in coffee projects worldwide between 2010 to 2020 as part of a larger, ongoing investment.

Making sure there’s coffee in the future isn’t simply about helping coffee farmers grow more coffee in the short term. It’s about making coffee farming a job people can be proud of and that their sons and daughters will want to continue. It’s about running large-scale projects to teach and train over 10,000 coffee farmers a year on sustainable farming methods that will give them better yields and higher income.

It’s about replacing weak or unhealthy coffee plants with stronger more robust varieties that are best suited to the region in which they are farmed. It’s about a genuine long-term commitment to help.

While our global commitment, the NESCAFÉ Plan, started in 2010, we’ve actually been helping farmers for decades through our NESCAFÉ Farmer Connect program. This is our regionalized program in coffee producing markets to buy coffee beans directly from farmers, cutting out middle-men traders and empowering farmers to improve their income. In 2014 alone, NESCAFÉ sourced 185,000 tons of green coffee directly via NESCAFÉ Farmer Connect, from 170,000 farmers.