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How do I participate in the NESCAFÉ Malty Dance Routine Contest?

To participate, follow these steps:

● Recreate the Malty routine using the Malty song.

● Post your video on your Instagram page.

● Encourage your friends and loved ones to like, comment, and share your video.

● Videos with the highest engagement wins

Can I participate alone or do I need someone to create my routine?

A: You can create your routine alone without a friend.

What do I stand to win in this contest?

Winner: 5 cases of NESCAFÉ Malty + N100,000 cash

1st Runner Up: 3 cases of NESCAFÉ Malty + N50,000 cash

2nd Runner Up: 2 cases of NESCAFÉ Malty + N20,000 cash

Consolation prizes for the top 7: A case of NESCAFE Malty + Malty T-shirt

When is the deadline to submit my entry?

The competition deadline is on Friday, 25th August 2023

How will the winners be selected?

The winners will be determined based on the engagement of their videos. Combination of

likes and comments will both be taken into account.

What song can I use for my routine?

You must only use the NESCAFÉ Malty Song to create your video.

Are there any specific hashtags I should use when posting my entry?

Yes, when posting your entry, make sure to use the following hashtags:






Do I need to tag the brand when posting my entry?

Yes, Tag @nescafe_ng in your post to ensure your entry is considered for the competition.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Each participant is eligible for only one entry in the competition.

Is this competition open to everyone?

Yes, the NESCAFÉ Malty Routine Competition is open to all participants

Where can I find the Malty song for my routine?

You can access the NESCAFÉ Malty song through the link in bio or simply use “NESCAFÉ

Malty Song” audio on Instagram reels

Must I use and show NESCAFÉ Malty sachet in my video

Yes. Ensure you show the NESCAFÉ Malty sachet and visibly consuming NESCAFÉ Malty

What does "a year's supply" and “6 months supply” mean in the contest?

A: "A year's supply" or “6 months supply” means that the winners will receive equivalent to a

year's worth based on regular usage, at once