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Recipe Red Mug
Apple & Lime

Your daytime fix of coffee with a twist

Who says fruits aren't fabulous in coffee?

What you need

  • 50 ml Cinnamon syrup
  • 120 ml Water (room temperature)
  • 5g NESCAFÉ Red Mug
  • 5ml Fresh lime juice
  • 80 ml Apple juice
  • 7-10 Ice cubes
  • As desired Apple slices
  • As desired Lime slices
  • As desired Cinnamon sticks
  • As desired Mint leaves


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Create It!

    • Pour the cinnamon syrup, NESCAFÉ Red Mug, water and fresh lime juice into a glass and stir
    • Add ice cubes 
    • Top off the glass with apple juice
    • Add slices of apples, limes and mint and/or a cinnamon stick to complete and enjoy!

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