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Responsibly Sourced coffee is exactly what it sounds like

We’re particularly proud of the efforts and progress the NESCAFÉ team has made to only source the best quality coffee beans from well-cared-for farms, and selected coffee farmers who cultivate their farms using sustainable practices. This covers social, environmental and economic aspects, forming the basis of our Responsibly Sourced coffee supplies. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways in which we ensure that the delicious cup of NESCAFÉ you enjoy every day is responsibly sourced.

Responsibly Sourced

Our coffee is our pride and joy, and so we make every effort possible to source coffee beans from farmers with the right credentials - which means relying on farmers who produce superior beans in line with independent and comprehensive sustainability standards. These are often farming families who have tended to their land for generations – so we support the appropriate management of their farm and implementation of best practices. NESCAFÉ also goes the extra mile and the over the last 10 years has engaged coffee farmers with training sessions, skills development, and other innovations that make their coffee yield bigger and better, assisting the improvement of their livelihoods. NESCAFÉ values all farmers and have supported a great many of them for decades. It’s people first – always.

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Transparency and respect are at the core of our principles. Everyone involved wants the best for everyone else, as well as the planet, because we’re also aware of – and actively working on – our impact on the environment. We’ve always been 100% transparent about our strategic direction and responsible sourcing policies, with coffee traceable to farmer groups with proven sustainability credentials. These are the essential people working on a daily basis to grow the coffee beans that make the refreshing NESCAFÉ coffee you enjoy every day. 


We take every step possible to ensure that sustainable agricultural practices are upheld and in line with global standards, and we can tangibly back those claims up. We work with highly credible programs and organizations, all including 3rd-party independent checks on the participating farmer groups. This means we get an objective, unbiased assessment, which shows us what’s working well, but also where we can improve. The organisations we work with include 4C Services, the Rainforest Alliance, and Fairtrade.

Transparency and respect

Transparency and respect

We pride ourselves on our sustainability and respect principles, which forms the basis of all of the programmes we have in place - including our sustainability practices - to support the communities we work with, as well as the planet. Every cup of NESCAFÉ coffee you enjoy makes it possible for us to work with these selected farmers and their families in the ways that we do, and it means an investment into the planet, the farmers, and their future. 

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