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NESCAFÉ is the most sustainable coffee brand in the world.

The future of coffee

More than 23,000 cups of coffee are drunk every second, but with so many of us enjoying it, we need to be careful not to be left with empty cups. 

Climate change, crop diseases, water shortage and people leaving farms for cities, all threaten the future of coffee. If we want to keep drinking it, we need to plan. That's why in 2010 we setup the future of coffee NESCAFÉ Plan. 

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In 2010, we brought our 80 years of global coffee knowledge to the next level, with one aim: to make sure all our coffee is responsibly sourced. 

Read on to find our more about how the NESCAFÉ Plan is helping farmer, farming communities and our planet.

Great tasting coffee comes from the hard work of many people.

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    Training farmers

    We now have 300 NESCAFÉ coffee-growing experts in growing coffee, working with farmers in 15 countries, offering training in business and advanced agriculture skills. Since 2010 we have helped train more than 700,000 farmers.

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    Securing farmer's incomes

    Our experts are teaching farmers how to diversify their income by growing different crops alongside coffee trees. Gaining these new business skills allows farmers to better manage their farms and improve their livelihoods.

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    Supporting communities

    Coffee farming as way of life, is something we want to keep alive. So, we’re supporting local farming communities and inspiring a new generation to become coffee farmers, with empowerment and upskilling programs.


Healthy plants make better coffee

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    Surviving with less water

    Our plant scientists are growing coffee plants around the world that can thrive in drier conditions, when water is scarce.

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    Growing resistance

    We now have eight new and improved varieties of coffee plants, which are more productive and resilient to threatening diseases, like leaf rust.

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    Younger, stronger tees

    We have been helping farmers to renovate their farms to be more efficient, with younger, stronger trees, that produce more coffee that’s better quality.

Continuing to ensure a healthy planet

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    Water conservation

    Finding ways to conserve water and reduce waste is important to the future of coffee. Our experts teach farmers how to grow high-quality coffee using less water, making more water available to communities and the environment.

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    Preventing deforestation

    In 20 years the world will drink around 50% more coffee than today. Making our coffee farms more productive now, means that our farms won’t have to expand in the future. This is critical in preventing deforestation to meet growing demand.

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    Creating biodiversity

    We are encouraging bees, insects and creating greater biodiversity in the growing coffee regions with our intercropping and agroforestry programs. With us, growers learn how to farm while developing natural diversity.

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The NESCAFÉ Plan in action

Already nearly 70% of our coffee is independently checked and responsibly sourced, allowing us to know where it came from and how it was grown. There’s still lots to do, but we’re on track to reaching our target of 100% Responsibly Grown coffee by 2020. We’re leading the way in building a brighter future for coffee.