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The Americano and the Long Black are exactly the same in terms of content. The only difference lies in the order that the ingredients are mixed in. 


There are a few origins for how the "Americano" came to be, and the one we like the most originates during wartime.  


American soldiers didn’t have access to good coffee in a warzone, so they'd prepare coffee in pots, using fire. No grinder. No scale. No thermometer.  


The result would be so bad that they would end up adding water to dilute it until it was drinkable. Hence the "Americano". 


Today it means an espresso shot first, and hot or cold water second. For the long black, the water goes in first, topped off with an espresso shot. 

What you Need

  • Hot/Cold Water
  • 1 Cup/Glass
  • 1 Teaspoon


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Create It!

Hot and Cold Americano


    • Heat water for your coffee (500ml is a safe amount in case you want or need a second cup) 
    • Prepare 1 or 2 teaspoons of NESCAFÉ GOLD (or how you usually prepare it) and put it in your cup. 
    • Add 100ml (for a "strong" cup) of hot water per teaspoon or 150ml (for a more mellow cup) per teaspoon you use. 
    • Mix well, enjoy!



    • Prepare 1 or 2 teaspoons of NESCAFÉ GOLD (or how you usually prepare it) and put it in your glass. 
    • Add 60ml (for a “strong” cup) of hot water per teaspoon or 100ml (for a mellow cup) per teaspoon you use.
    • Put in as many ice cubes as you want. The base is designed to accommodate the added water from ice so your drink doesn't get too diluted. 
    • Mix well, enjoy!
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