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What is an iced coffee?

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Is there anything better on a hot summer's day than sitting back, relaxing and enjoying an iced coffee? But exactly what is an iced coffee? Read on to have all your questions answered.
Iced coffee

Make your day a little cooler

An iced coffee is basically a cold version of your favourite coffee. But unike a regular coffee, ice is added to the hot espresso and milk to make it even more refreshing!

Who said cold can't mix it with hot?

Just like a regular coffee, the iced version can include frothy or steamed milk, if that's how you'd like to make your version. But because of the ice you may find less milk is added to an iced coffee. If for some reason it’s too milky, another shot of espresso can be added.

You will probably notice that the flavours of a regular coffee and an iced one are quite different; an iced coffee tends to be less sweet.

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Iced coffee vs iced latte - what’s the difference?

Both drinks are coffee-based, and require ice. However, the biggest difference is likely to be the amount of milk added. An iced latte has a larger amount of chilled milk added to it, whereas a regular iced coffee can have no milk at all or just a small amount.

Because the coffee to milk ratio is different in these two drinks, an iced latte is likely to have less coffee content than an iced coffee. Therefore, an iced latte will be sweeter than an iced coffee. Another difference is the preparation. While an iced latte is not just a latte cooled down, an iced coffee can be made with espresso that is then chilled and poured over ice. A small amount of milk can then be added to taste.


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