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How to make a delicious cup of instant coffee at home

Instant coffee is definitely the easiest way to make a delicious, cup of coffee - your way. Learn the basics, start with a full teaspoon of NESCAFÉ instant coffee, and tweak to make it an enjoyable cup of instant coffee for you.


If you're searching for some tips on how to make a delicious cup of instant coffee, then you're in the right place. Read on, because all that's standing between you and a deliciously rich cup of coffee are a few simple notes. That first cup of NESCAFÉ coffee to kickstart your day is the easiest, tastiest way to get your coffee fix. In a few short steps, you'll be able to turn any moment into the perfect NESCAFÉ moment.

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Make your NESCAFÉ moment your way

There's nothing more relaxing than sitting back and enjoying a rich, steaming cup of NESCAFÉ coffee made just the way you like it. Whether it's a slow, lazy, sunny weekend, or a break in between meetings - the perfect time to make your NESCAFÉ moment is whenever you feel like it. There's no need to head to a barista, or get an expensive coffee machine when NESCAFÉ instant coffee is in your kitchen. Just add water, milk and sugar to taste, and your delightful NESCAFÉ moment is within reach. Ready to start making the perfect cup of instant coffee? Let's get to it.


Making a deliciois instant coffee is easy

Your first step is to choose your coffee blend. You need something roasty enough to keep its bold flavours and captivating aromas when you add your milk - if that's how you like it. NESCAFÉ Gold Original is our premium blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, offering a balanced, smooth taste and rich aroma. If you want something a little stronger, give NESCAFÉ Gold Intense a try. You might also enjoy the rich, bold flavours of NESCAFÉ Classic.


Putting it all together

It's time to work on the iconic and delicious NESCAFÉ instant coffee. There are some simple ways to create a, rich and smooth coffee - everytime - and there's a good chance you have everything you need in your kitchen already.

But the first step is always the same - heat your water to 80º Celsius, or 175º Fahrenheit. There's no need to heat the water until it's boiling - this uses more energy than is necessary, and heats the water up too much. 80º Celsius (or 175º Fahrenheit) is the perfect temperature for a delicious cup of instant coffee.

While that happens, spoon 1 heaped teaspoon of your favourite NESCAFÉ instant coffee into a mug and add sugar to taste.

Once the water has heated up, pour it over the instant coffee and stir until the grounds have dissolved. If you would like some milk with your coffee, gently heat the milk on the stove, or in a microwave. It needs to be warm - not boiling!

Pro tip: Not all types of milk add the same taste to your coffee. And there are quite a few options to choose from; Dairy, Almond, Soy and many more! Keep things exciting and try a dairy alternative to see what coffee, milk/dairy alternative combination you love the most.

And if you want to try something new, there are over a hundred different types of NESCAFÉ variants.

1 heaped teaspoon (3g) NESCAFÉ Gold Instant Coffee

Water heated to 80 degrees Celsius

Milk of your choice

Sugar to taste (optional)

Create it!



Add a teaspoon of NESCAFÉ Gold Instant Coffee to your cup. If you like sugar you can add it now.



Carefully pour the hot water into the cup, leaving some space at the top. Stir it well to ensure the coffee and the sugar are fully dissolved.



Add your frothed milk, stir, and top it off with any remaining froth.



Taste your coffee. Not strong enough? Add more coffee granules next time. Too strong? Add less coffee, and a bit more milk.



Remember to take care with hot liquids and they must always be kept away from children.

How much coffee do you use for instant coffee?

We’d recommend 1 teaspoon (3 grams) of NESCAFÉ instant coffee, but you might prefer it a different level of intensity. An easy way to find your perfect flavour is to try using different amounts of water in your NESCAFÉ coffee. More water makes for a less intense brew, while less water means your coffee will be bolder, darker, and richer.

How to personalise your cup of instant coffee

You can add your favourite sweetener – whether it’s sugar, or a flavoured syrup. Milk will also help to cut the intensity and boldness of the coffee. It’s all about finding your personal taste, so experiment with what you like to find your flavour. Flavours that work particularly well with NESCAFÉ coffee are chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel. You can easily find your favourite flavoured syrup online, and there are many recipes for making things like caramel sauce. You can even do something as simple as sprinkling some cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate powder on top of your coffee for a hint of spice or sweetness.

How do you make coffee more creamy?

Making your favourite NESCAFÉ creamier and smoother is as simple as adding milk, creamer, or milk powder - even butter! Yes, you can add a spoon of butter to your coffee for a rich and creamy coffee experience, or heavy cream for a luxuriously creamy, smooth drink. If your diet doesn't include dairy, you can use some coconut oil as a dairy alternative. Whichever way you choose, try blending the ingredients together for a few seconds before you drink it, to get a smooth, creamy coffee consistency.