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Sustainability from coffee planting to packaging

Sustainability from coffee planting to packaging

We believe in green from bean to cup

Sustainability from coffee planting to packaging

Sustainability is a journey
Sustainability is a journey.

We’ve been on our own sustainability path for over 10 years.

We’re excited for where it’s leading us. The NESCAFÉ you know, love, and trust, wouldn’t exist without our selected partner farmers and their coffee farms, so we do our best to take care of them, their communities, and their futures. We’re always looking for better ways to give back more than we use, and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved so far – with many initiatives and processes in place to ensure that our footprint is as small as it can be.

We believe in green, from coffee planting to coffee farming

We believe in green, from coffee planting to coffee farming.

We’ve always believed that keeping a balance with nature is the most vital part of our work, and so have looked at where we can improve along the entire coffee production process – from the ground the coffee trees are planted in, to the coffee grounds we use to make the 100% pure NESCAFÉ instant coffee granules you use every day. And it starts with protecting the soil on our coffee farms, using a thick layer of grass that prevents the soil from drying out in the sun, eroding, and losing nutrients – which means we use less water, and every coffee crop stays healthy, happy, and productive. 

Fact: We're farming with less water already. NESCAFÉ partner farmers in Vietnam conserve 50-70% irrigation water per tree. 

Responsible coffee is sustainable coffee

Responsible coffee is sustainable coffee.

Our passion for farming and producing high quality, sustainable coffee means that we have high standards. We check each and every coffee farm we work with, with close to 100% of our coffee beans being sustainably sourced. New partner farmers are joining the NESCAFÉ family all the time, and as they're being trained, their farms begin to incorporate our efficient, sustainable farming practices. Every NESCAFÉ cup you make means that we can offer more coffee farmers the opportunity to become partner farmers, and share our innovative, more sustainable coffee farming methods with more people.

Sustainable coffee works both ways

Sustainable coffee works both ways.

When we say we do what we can to take care of our partner farmers and their futures, we mean it. While they grow the best quality sustainable coffee they can, we do our part to ensure that they're not just paid properly, but also tangibly uplift them too. Our partnerships have been built over decades, and we’ve watched the secret to coffee farming be passed down through generations. We’ve brought our own innovation and expertise to these incredible people, finding new, environmentally friendlier ways to farm coffee, including farming with less water, and electricity-free drying methods for coffee beans, to help them produce the best yields of the highest quality coffee. These practices not only support our partner farmers and their families but also contribute to the culture of sustainable farming. We care about the environment as much as the coffee being produced that give you your favourite cup of NESCAFÉ.

We’ve also provided almost 1 million training sessions to our partner farmers across all the regions where we work – and we’re particularly proud of our projects to train and empower female farmers in Central, Western, and Eastern Africa. We’re even working to help our selected partner farmers renovate their coffee farms, by providing them with coffee plantlets that are resistant to disease and pests – meaning a consistently high-quality yield that will just keep getting bigger and better.   

Every cup of NESCAFÉ is a cup of respect for the planet

Every cup of NESCAFÉ is a cup of respect for the planet.

Our partner farmers have been planting as many trees as possible in and around their coffee farms, with our goal for 2022 being that 1.7 million trees are planted. Besides providing shade and protection to the coffee plants, trees also prevent soil erosion, so we can look after our farms and make sure they’re growing healthy, productive coffee plants. We’re also accelerating our engagement with the topic of climate change, starting with training sessions for over 100 000 coffee farmers across the planet, teaching them about our efficient, sustainable farming methods, keeping the farms going and growing for generations to come.

Farming for the future

Farming for the future.

Making those crucial changes to lessen the impact on the planet is more critical now than it’s ever been. We know we’re in a position to lead the charge and act as a source of inspiration and expertise in transforming the way we engage with nature. And it's not just us - you've been a huge part of this journey too. Every cup of NESCAFÉ you make helps us take our innovations and passion for greener practices to the world.

Read about the NESCAFÉ Plan here, and learn more about our sustainability practices.