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Ice-Cold  Almond Frappe

Ice- Cold Almond Frappe

This delicious iced drink blends the bold flavours of NESCAFÉ with the delicate nuttiness of almond dairy alternative, for a refreshing cold boost. 


  • 1 tsp. NESCAFÉ Black Roast
  • 60 ml warm water
  • 150 ml almond dairy alternative
  • 1 tsp. honey (adjust to taste)
  • 6 – 8 ice cubes

Mason jar

Create It!

Ice- Cold Almond Frappe
Step 1

Pour 1 tsp. NESCAFÉ Black Roast and 60 ml warm water into a mason jar

Almond Frappe
Step 2

Add 1 tsp. honey 

Ice-Cold Almond Frappe
Step 3

THREE: Place crushed ice into the mason jar

Ice-Cold Almond Frappe
Step 4

Add 150 ml almond dairy alternative to the jar 

Ice-Cold Almond Frappe
Step 5

Stir well until everything is combined 


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Ice-Cold Almond Frappe

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