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International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

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Coffee is one of the best loved beverages around the globe. For the vast majority of us, our day doesn’t start until we’ve sipped the warm, rich flavours and many will also see it as the perfect accompaniment to a catch up with friends or family. It’s no secret that coffee forms a huge part of our daily lives, so it’s only right that there’s an international coffee day to celebrate it!

When is International Coffee Day?


International coffee day falls on the 1st October, each and every year.



What is International Coffee Day?


International coffee day is a global celebration for coffee lovers to come together and celebrate their love of the beverage whilst supporting coffee farmers, whose crop is their livelihoods. The event aims to raise awareness of the incredible work of those involved in the coffee industry and promote the fair trade of coffee.


So don’t forget to raise your favourite mug of coffee in celebration of International Coffee Day, whether it be an espresso, latte, flat white or other.



Where did International Coffee Day come from?


It may surprise you to learn that international coffee day is a very recent celebration. Launching in Milan at Expo 2015, this worldwide event was set up by the International Coffee Organisation, the main intergovernmental organisation for coffee, whose goal it is to bring together exporting and importing governments to fight challenges in the coffee world.



How can I get involved?


There are numerous ways to get involved in international coffee day, here are just a few of our ideas:

  • • Coffee shops may offer discounted (sometimes even free), so get out there and enjoy a cup!
  • • Take this day to learn more about the history of coffee and where it comes from
  • • Broaden your horizons and try a new coffee type. At NESCAFÉ, we have tonnes of delicious varieties to try in handy sachets such as cappuccinos and mochas, so it’s easier than ever to try something new
  • • Have coffee flavoured food: munch on coffee cake, yoghurts, ice cream, etc. Or, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could even try making some coffee flavoured things yourself!



International barista day


Coffee is one of the nation’s favourite drinks, but without our coffee baristas, what would our favourite coffee drinks be? So, it only seems fitting that there be a day dedicated to them. International barista day falls every year on the 1st of March.


Being a coffee barista is a relatively new job title, of which was coined in 1938. Baristas are the magic behind the coffee beans, they deliver exceptionally great coffee for thousands of people. Without them, coffee wouldn’t be the same.



How to celebrate national barista day


There are a few small ways that you can show your appreciation of your local barista, or any for that matter. This is how:

  • • Give you barista the chance to choose your coffee, give them a chance to work their magic
  • • Give them a generous tip, or even a shout-out on social media
  • • Ask for some interesting coffee art, baristas love to show off their talents, so give them a chance to do just that!



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