Nescafe Espresso Concentrate Black
Nescafe Espresso Concentrate Black
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NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate

Nescafe Espresso Concentrate Black

This concentrate delivers a rich and bold flavour which makes the perfect base for any coffee of your choosing
Package size and format
nescafé espresso concentrate cup
Coffee Type
Taste notes
Rich & Bold
# of Servings
Concentrate 10 Servings (50ml each)

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NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate Sweet Vanilla
NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate Sweet Vanilla

The ultimate coffee hack

Hot or cold, NESCAFÉ Espresso Concentrates are the ultimate coffee hack. They can be mixed with liquid of your choice to create a delicious beverage in seconds. Our coffee concentrates are convenient, easy to use and best of all, always tastes great. It’s café quality coffee at your fingertips, from iced Lattes to full bodied Espressos to an array of new coffee experiences. No expensive equipment or intricate techniques are required to make a barista-style coffee at home.
mix up iced coffees
NESCAFÉ Espresso Concentrates are made from a rich Arabica blend that’s expertly roasted and refined so the flavours are bold and silky smooth. Our coffee concentrates can be mixed with milk, plant-based milk or tonic water so you can personalise your coffee. You can be creative with your choices, whether hot or cold, and it can be made in seconds. Also available in Sweet Vanilla
Roasted arabica coffee beans makes the perfect Espresso!
nescafé sustainability promise

Our Sustainability promise

Your bottle’s journey doesn't end when the coffee does. To recycle the bottle and cap follow the recycling instructions on the back of the bottle.

Ingredients and allergens
Water, Sugar, Soluble Coffee (8.3%), Acidity Regulator (Sodium Bicarbonate).
To recycle the bottle and cap follow the recycling instructions on the back of the bottle.
Craft it your way
Step 1
Pour 250mL (1 cup) of cold milk into a glass

Step 2
Shake bottle well, add 2-3 TBSP (50mL) of concentrate to the glass

Step 3
Stir, add ice and enjoy

Hot or Cold
For a perfect iced latte or hot coffee!

What is the caffeine content of NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate Black?
NESCAFÉ Espresso Concentrate Black contains 120 mg Caffeine per serve.

How many serves are in a bottle of NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate?
A standard serving size of NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate is approximately 50mL. In a 500mL bottle of Espresso Concentrate there are 10 serves. Our 50mL standard serve of concentrates is based on adding 250mL of milk or any other liquid you prefer.

How long does a bottle of NESCAFÉ® Espresso Concentrate stay fresh once opened?
Once opened, store refrigerated and use within 14 days.

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