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Hand-picked in South India, every sip is rich with cocoa and roasted notes.
Package size and format
coffee india
Taste notes
Cocoa and roasted
Cup size
espresso espresso (40ml)
Arabica - Robusta

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Grown with a deep respect for nature

The nature-respecting practices on the coffee farms of tropical southern India have been handed down for generations.

It's a difference you can taste - deep, dark roasted cocoa notes you won't quickly forget.

The coffee trees grow alongside pepper plants, cinnamon, clove, and jackfruit trees to strike a lush biodiversity.

NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins India espresso is born of a deep love for the natural world and a committed love of coffee.

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Know your NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins

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Arabica & Robusta beans create a deliciously rich, bold espresso.

india coffee farmers

Grown on unique coffee farms with a deep love for nature.

indian coffee farms

Approved for use with your Nespresso® machine.

nescafé sustainability promise
nescafé farmers origins sustainability

Our Sustainability promise

80% of aluminium in our capsules is recycled aluminium. It protects the freshness and aromas of your coffee. 

Good to know

Enjoy your delicious coffee in 3 easy steps
Step 1

Place your NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins India Espresso capsule into your Nespresso® machine

Step 2

Choose the correct cup size - 40 ml

Step 3

Let your Nespresso® machine brew your espresso, and enjoy

Ingredients and allergens

Roast and ground coffee.


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