Arabica - Robusta
Ristretto 25ML

Ethiopian and Ugandan farmers carry the legacy of the world’s first coffee beans. These lands were born to grow coffee, and their passionate farmers are keen to do it justice. We give their coffees a strong roast in NESCAFÉ Africas – a sweet cup you won’t quickly forget, it’s bursting with wild berry notes.

The birthplace of coffee knows best
Travel to Ethiopia and Uganda and taste the origins.
Good to know...
Approved for Nespresso® machines, these capsules keep the great taste of your coffee as fresh as can be.
Wild berry notes burst through this strong-roasted, sweet ristretto with a coffee intensity of 10.
These great-tasting East African beans are grown respectfully. It’s the Ugandans and Ethiopians way of cherishing their lands’ coffee heritage.
The ones who make life taste better
Did you know that coffee originated in East Africa? Both Arabica and Robusta beans are native to this fertile land. Taste all that rich history in every last drop of a NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - Africas Ristretto coffee pod when you pop it into your Nespresso® machine.

The NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins coffee growers in Ethiopia and Uganda take care to honour the birthplace of coffee with the care they take in growing their coffee respectfully. Their passion for tending this precious crop is as strong as this ristretto coffee’s intense great taste. These hand-picked beans land in the cup with a coffee intensity of 10 – bursting in a strong roast with sweetness and wild berry notes.

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Discover the other origins

We’ve got four more little good choices for you to explore. The NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins range includes another intense cup – discover how NESCAFÉ® India gets its roasted and cocoa notes. Or consider how NESCAFÉ® Colombia Espresso Decaffeinato’s fruity notes might remind you of NESCAFÉ® Africas. If a longer cup is your choice, check out the diversity of South and Central America in one of our two Latin American Lungos.

Recyclable forever

We do our part to protect that great taste by choosing aluminium for our pods – it keeps the coffee fresh at least 50 times longer than an open pack of coffee. And not only can you recycle aluminium forever, but it uses 95% less energy than making new aluminium. Here’s to the choices that taste better.