Pure Arabica
Lungo 110ML

From the plains to the highlands, the smallholders to the vast plantations, the old hands to the new visionaries, Brazilian farmers know coffee. You’ll spot the sunshine and the soul in a cup of NESCAFÉ Lungo Brazil. This unbeatably smooth and balanced long cup glows with warming toasted cereal notes.

A South American gem
Stop off in Brazil and taste the origin.
Good to know...
We captured the good taste in capsules approved for Nespresso® machines.
It’s a Lungo with coffee intensity 8 – smooth and glowing with the great taste of its classic warming toasted cereal notes.
Brazilian farmers know coffee – up in the mountains, down on the plateaux, in big farms and small, from the seasoned hands to the next generation.
The ones who make life taste better
There’s a glow to a cup of NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - Brazil Lungo. Down on the plateaux, up in the mountains, in big farms and small, from seasoned hands or the next generation, Brazilian farmers understand coffee. Their coffee beans make up this NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins capsule. It’s an Arabica blend reflecting the heart of Brazilian coffee. It’s all sunshine and soul in a cup of NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - Brazil Lungo.

You’ll taste the farmers’ skill in the incredible smoothness and balance of flavours – toasted and cereal notes bringing their warmth to your cup. This easy-going coffee is an intensity 8 Lungo that comes approved for Nespresso® machines.

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Discover the other origins

In Brazil, a conversation begins with a cup of coffee. Our NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins range invites a few more conversationalists to the party. Hop next door to hear the stories behind NESCAFÉ® Colombia Decaffeinato’s fruity tone or the nutty notes of NESCAFÉ® 3 Americas. NESCAFÉ® India and NESCAFÉ® Africas come with intense taste and their own rich stories. All our NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins coffees are splendid conversationalists.

Recyclable forever

We wrapped up all that sunshine in aluminium pods, so the planet approves too. Not only can you recycle it forever, but recycled aluminium takes 95% less energy to produce than regular aluminium. If beans could talk, they’d thank you too – aluminium protects their freshness at least 50 times longer than an opened pack of coffee. Now there’s goodness as vast as Brazil itself.