Pure Arabica
Espresso 40ML

We love lush, tropical southern India – coffee, spices, and fruit trees all growing in harmony – and the farmers here tend to their crops and their land with dedicated care. You can taste the biodiversity in every sip of NESCAFÉ® Espresso India. It’s an epic blend of hand-picked coffees alive with cocoa and dark roasted notes.

Exotic meets exciting
Journey to India and taste the origin.
Good to know...
These capsules are designed and approved for Nespresso® machines.
This coffee intensity 9 espresso is your gateway to discovering India’s biodiversity, through the delicious cocoa and roasted notes.
Farmers in India respect nature. And that’s a choice that tastes better. 100% of their delicious coffee is grown in the shade.
The ones who make life taste better
Grab a NESCAFÉ® India Espresso coffee pod for your Nespresso® machine. NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins searched out some of India’s finest farmers for this one-of-a-kind espresso. Southern India’s a lush, tropical place – home to all sorts of fruit trees and spices… and coffee! These NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins growers plant all their coffee in the shade of these trees because they know making a choice to respect the interdependent relationships in nature, tastes better. Want a glimpse of these forested plantations? You’ll see pepper vines growing up the coffee trees and cinnamon, clove, and jackfruit trees dotted around.

Farmers who’ve been growing coffee for generations carefully hand-pick each bean that lands in your cup. Choosing to care tastes better. The proof’s in the cup. NESCAFÉ® India Espresso is a coffee worthy of the Farmers Origins name. It captures India’s biodiversity with enticing cocoa and dark roasted notes that come at you with a coffee intensity of 9. 

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Landscape India
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Recyclable forever

We choose aluminium for our pods because it’s the best material for a happy planet. And a happy planet makes coffee that tastes better. But that’s not all. Aluminium also protects the coffee against those elements that steal its delicious taste. And you can recycle aluminium. Forever. Packaged respectfully, tastes better.