Make choices taste better

Every little good choice makes what’s in the cup taste better. Like us choosing to make these capsules from 100% recyclable aluminium. And you choosing to buy a box of NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins, which supports our farmers and their communities.

Every coffee bean that makes its way into a NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins coffee capsule was grown respectfully. It’s more than an initiative, a program, or a plan. It’s our vision for thriving coffee communities and delicious coffee that impacts the planet in a good way. Want to learn more about Grown Respectfully? Read on…

Chapter Two: Here’s to the makers

From Colombia to Kenya and Java to Jamaica – it’s the ones who make their living from the soil who know how to grow their coffee respectfully. 

When your whole crop depends on the climate, you care more. No one has to convince these farmers to make choices that protect their coffee and look after the planet.

When you know that one day you’ll hand your farm over to your sons and daughters, you care more about the kind of tomorrow you’re creating. These farmers make choices that respect people – their communities – the next generation of coffee farmers.

Great tasting coffee begins at its origins

And the passionate NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins growers make it taste even better.

Farmer training

We have a community of 300 NESCAFÉ® coffee-growing experts partnering with more than 700,000 farmers around the world. It’s about joining together to share best practices through training in business and advanced agricultural skills.

Securing farmers’ incomes

Growing other crops alongside the coffee trees is a good idea for the coffee and a good idea for diversifying farmer income. Paying a good price for these coffees means there’s money left over to invest in building up other income sources too.

Community empowerment

The farmers love coffee. We love coffee. That’s why we’re all in this together in the endless pursuit of finding new ways to make sure our farming communities are thriving and inspiring the next generation of coffee farmers.

Planting for tomorrow

To ensure a future for coffee, farmers need healthy plants. That’s why we’re always putting our heads together with these farmers to find new ways of improving. 

Growing big and strong

We now have eight new and improved varieties of coffee plants – they yield a bigger crop and can defend themselves better against pests and diseases in the field. 

Using less water

Some of these new coffee varieties need a lot less water. That means they can thrive in drier conditions where water is scarce. 

Younger, healthier trees

Think of it as a renovation. The farms are more efficient when we join with the growers in planting new coffee trees. Those younger, healthier trees produce a lot more coffee – and it tastes better too.

Choose to recycle your used capsules

Get your recycling bag or find a collection point near you to help do your part for the planet.

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Lots of little differences make a big difference

It’s the farmers' choices. It’s our choices. It’s your choices.

Let’s face it – we’re all in this together.