NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Sumatra

Delight your senses with each intense cup of NESCAFÉ GOLD Origins Sumatra. This premium single origin instant coffee borrows its uniquely smoky, aromatic flavour from 100% Robusta coffee beans handpicked in Indonesia. Savour its dark, earthy flavour with subtle notes of nuts and caramel.

  • Sumatra
  • Sumatra
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    Made from

    Robusta coffee beans handpicked in Sumatra, Indonesia

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    Good to know

    Our handpicked coffee cherries borrow unique characteristics from their specific region of origin

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NESCAFÉ Gold Origins

A Taste that Stirs Your Senses

Whether you prefer an intensity to your coffee, or you savour something slightly fruity - there is an Origin to stir your senses

  • Intense Taste
    Smoky, earthy top notes are underpinned by subtler notes of caramel and nuts.
  • Grown
    Responsibly grown coffee through sustainable farming practices.
  • Intense
    Each sip of this premium instant coffee is a sensorial experience

Coffee from Sumatra, Indonesia

Explore the Origins

Smoky & Aromatic


A flavorful spin to a famous dessert

Coffee Creme Bruleé to save the day


  • 30 ml
    Creme bruleé Monin syrup
  • 200 ml
    Fresh milk
  • 60 ml
    Hot water
  • 5 g
    NESCAFÉ Gold
  • 20 ml
    Butterscotch Monin syrup
  • 200 ml
    Cold milk
  • 60 ml
    Cold milk foam
  • Garnish
    Brown sugar

Method of Preparation

1) The first layer: Place the creme bruleé syrup into a glass
2) The second layer: Carefully pour the milk over the top
3) Mix the hot water and NESCAFÉ Gold together to create a coffee shot
4) Third layer: Use a mixer and stir the cold milk and butterscotch syrup on a high speed until it becomes a creamy milk foam
5) Add the milk foam over of the second layer 
6) Pour the NESCAFÉ Gold shot, creating the third layer 
7) Sprinkle top with brown sugar
8) Gently torch the sugar for a caramelized finish and enjoy!