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Coffee Gift Ideas

Coffee Gift Ideas

3 mins read

10 Gifts for coffee lovers

If you’ve got someone in your life that loves coffee as much as we do at NESCAFÉ, when it comes to holidays and birthdays, it’s highly likely you’ll find yourself on the hunt for coffee gift ideas. Luckily, with so much of the population loving the beverage, there’s a fantastic variety on offer from homewares to skincare. Check out our ideas below and get inspired!

1. Coffee mug warmer

There’s nothing worse than your coffee going cold faster than you can drink it, so if you know someone who likes to savour their coffee, a coffee mug warmer could be the perfect coffee gift idea. There’s a huge range of options on the market, including ones which double up as a coaster and plug into your laptop, so you can work without worrying about your coffee going cold!

2. Coffee art

If you’re looking for a unique present for a coffee lover, why not go for some coffee art? If their whole world revolves around the delicious beverage, chances are they’d delight in the opportunity to adorn their walls with it too. There’s a range of coffee art on offer for all décor styles and will serve as the perfect finishing touch in any coffee lovers’ kitchen.

3. Coffee scented candle

Is there anything better than the scent of freshly brewed coffee? At Nescafé, we certainly don’t think so and chances are the coffee aficionado in your life will agree too! Scented candles make a wonderful coffee gift idea and there’s a great variety of scents from freshly ground coffee for the classic coffee enthusiast to caramel latte scents for those that like their brew a little sweeter.

4. Coffee hamper

If you want a coffee lover gift with a more personal touch, why not build your own coffee hamper? Fill it with Nescafé frothy coffee sachets, their favourite snacks and you can even include some accessories like a fun mug! Once you’ve assembled all your contents, pop them into a cute wicker basket and you’re all set.

5. Travel mugs and flasks

For keen travellers, you can’t go wrong with a good travel mug or flask to keep their coffee hot when out on their adventures. You can choose from a selection of sizes and purposes and there are even options which double up as a French press for those who enjoy a coffee shop style beverage, wherever they are.

6. Moka pot

If you’ve got a friend that went to Italy and fell in love with the unique and flavourful method that they use to make the beverage, then a Moka Pot may be the ideal coffee gift. These kettle-like pots come in both stove top and electric versions, so you can choose the best option for your someone special to enjoy their coffee in the most authentic Italian way.

7. Chocolate covered coffee beans

Those that love coffee and chocolate will find their dream combination with chocolate covered coffee beans. The crunchy beans perfectly complement the smooth chocolate and you can even get white, milk and dark chocolate or ones with all three!

8. Coffee syrup

After a coffee gift idea for someone who adores flavoured lattes? Flavoured coffee syrup could be just what you’re looking for. You can buy a selection of different flavours from fan favourites like caramel and vanilla to festive hits such as gingerbread and cinnamon!

9. Coffee skincare

Yes, you read that right, you can really get coffee skincare! If the coffee lover in your life loves a bit of a pamper, why not get them skincare enriched with coffee? You can get just about everything from face masks to bath bombs so there’s really something for everyone.

10. Grow your own coffee plant

Give that someone special the opportunity to try their hand at growing their own coffee, whilst also getting a houseplant that brightens up their home with a grow your own coffee plant kit. You can get kits where you grow an Arabica plant from a seed or if your recipient is not so green fingered, you can get fully formed plants too.

These are our top 10 coffee gift ideas! Want more fascinating content about the wonderful beverage? Check out our Coffee A – Z, next!