Empowering women

Empowering women, changing lives

Nestlé in Kenya and its implementing partner, Coffee Management Services (CMS) have trained over 6,000 women on Financial Literacy; Coffee Production; Coffee Certification; Confidence Building; Self Development and Nursery since inception of the programme in 2011.

Ms Bamba Nihigbe Jeanette is a widow and mother of three. Thanks to her income from coffee farming, she can send her children to school. In 2013, her three-hectare farm harvested 500kg of coffee. With our training, by 2016 she raised that figure to 1300kg, inspiring the community with her success


chlorinators installed in Brazil to improve the availability of potable water


coffee farmers trained in finance, helping to run better farms in Mexico


women reached through Women Empowerment Program in Kenya


Farming in Grandpa’s footsteps

Eduardo comes from a family of coffee growers and he wanted to become a farmer too – until he lost the coffee buzz and decided to try life in the city. Thankfully, the NESCAFÉ farm school helped him to reignite his coffee passion. Today, he’s farming sustainably and following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents. 

Increased income

increased incomes for farmers in Vietnam, thanks to our intercropping models


farmers and families with access to free medical diagnosis and care in India

honey bee program

families using our honey bee program for extra income in Papua New Guinea


Farmer friends in Thailand

NESCAFÉ agronomists have been working with Thai coffee farmers for decades, enabling higher yields, lower costs and better results. But they’ve also become a part of the community, as friends of farmers and their families. Coffee tastes better when it’s made by good friends.