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It’s no secret that Italians take great pride in their coffee—and the cappuccino is one of their most popular and iconic creations.


This espresso-based drink is prepared with frothy milk and sprinkled with chocolate powder for that warm cozy touch.


While the classic cappuccino can be enjoyed any time of the day, Italians are known for consuming this first thing in the morning—making it the unofficial breakfast drink in Italy.

What you Need

  • White sugar
  • Hot water
  • NESTLÉ Fresh Milk
  • Chocolate powder (optional)
  • 1 Teaspoon 
  • 1 Weighing scale 
  • 1 Blender 
  • 1 Milk pitcher 
  • 1 Coffee cup 
  • 1 Microwaveable cup 

Create It!

Italian Cappuccino
    • Prepare 1:1 ratio of NESCAFÉ GOLD with white sugar in coffee cup (this is a good starting point. Adjust later on to taste). 
    • Pour in 30-40ml of hot water (this makes your coffee thicker and stronger in taste to replicate the coffee shop espressos that give your cup flavor and body) 
    • Mix well until the consistency is smooth. Leave on the counter. 
    • Put 120ml of NESTLÉ Fresh Milk into a microwaveable container, heat for 30-40 secs. 
    • Pour heated milk into a blender.  
    • Blend the milk, and let it increase by about 30-40%. 
    • Pour your milk into a milk pitcher, or any container with a spout. 
    • Again, swirl the milk to evenly distribute foam. 
    • When ready, pour into your coffee cup. Start with a thin pour, only slightly tilting the milk pitcher but maintaining a a constant stream. As your coffee reaches an inch below the top of the cup, thicken your pour by tilting. Option to sprinkle chocolate powder on top—enjoy! 
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Cappuccino recipe

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