Colombia Decaffeinato
Colombia Decaffeinato
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Colombia Decaffeinato

A fruity, mild and decaffeinated espresso from the Colombian mountains
Package size and format
coffee colombia
Taste notes
Mild and fruity
Cup Size
espresso espresso (40ml)
Pure Arabica

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Skill & passion - meet coffee.

High up in the Colombian mountains, farmers know a thing or two about growing great-tasting Arabica coffee. NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Colombia Espresso Decaffeinato shows us how good it can get.
The farmers' passion and skill meets the fertile soil of a land laced with rivers to bring us a world-class coffee. Each cup faithfully captures the classic fruity character of Colombian coffee. With an intensity rating of 6, this mild decaf espresso is an exceptional coffee worthy of the origin’s reputation.
colombia decaffeinato coffee

Know your NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins

arabica blend coffee
A pure Arabica blend faithfully delivering the region’s classic fruity coffee character.
CoffeeFacts Locations
Grown by Colombian farmers who have tended the land for generations.
coffee capsules for nespresso machine
Approved for use with your Nespresso® machine.
nescafé sustainability promise

Our Sustainability promise

80% of aluminium in our capsules is recycled aluminium. It protects the freshness and aromas of your coffee.

Good to know

Enjoy your delicious coffee in 3 easy steps
Step 1

Place your NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins Colombia Espresso Decaffeinato capsule into your Nespresso® machine

Step 2

Choose the correct cup size - 40ml

Step 3

Let your Nespresso® machine brew your espresso, and enjoy

Ingredients & Allergens

Roast and ground coffee.


Ready to play your part by recycling your capsules? We make recycling easy for you

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