Espresso Decaffeinato
Pure Arabica
Espresso 40ML

Farmers in Colombia's mountainous region are responsible for the exceptional coffee you get in NESCAFÉ Colombia Decaffeinato. It’s decaffeinated, and still this Arabica blend faithfully delivers the region’s classic fruity coffee character.


Decaffeinated and faithfully classy
Take a trip to Colombia and taste the origin
Good to know...
These decaf coffee pods are approved for Nespresso® machines.
Here’s a mild and fruity classic Colombian espresso. This Decaffeinato delivers great taste with a coffee intensity of 6.
Nestled high in the Colombian mountains, these farmers know a thing or two about growing good-tasting coffee for great decaf.
The ones who make life taste better
Make a choice for goodness with NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - Colombia Espresso Decaffeinato coffee capsules. A lot of the world’s coffee grows in Colombia, and these farmers are also gaining a good reputation with their incredible coffees, perfect for decaffeination.

It’s a land laced with rivers, and these NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins growers will be the first to tell you how that freshwater source impacts their coffee farming for good. High up into the Colombian mountains, you’ll meet these farmers growing the beans in this NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins coffee pod. They are so skilled that even after decaffeination, their Arabica beans still capture this coffee origin’s classic fruity character. 

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Recyclable forever

We choose recyclable aluminium pods to lock in the freshness and aromas of this coffee intensity 6, Decaf blend. And you can recycle aluminium forever, which shows you how, when we all choose what’s good for our planet, it tastes better. NESCAFÉ® Farmers Origins - Colombia Espresso Decaffeinato coffee capsules are approved for Nespresso® machines. All that good decaf taste keeps you and your pod machine sweetly humming.