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NESCAFÉ® is the most sustainable coffee brand in the world.

The future of coffee

More than 23,000 cups of coffee are drunk every second, but with so many of us enjoying it, we need to be careful not to be left with empty cups. 

Climate change, crop diseases, water shortage and people leaving farms for cities, all threaten the future of coffee. If we want to keep drinking it, we need to plan. That's why in 2010 we setup the NESCAFÉ® Plan.


In 2010, we brought our 80 years of global coffee knowledge to the next level, with one aim: to make sure all our coffee is responsibly sourced.

Read on to find our more about how the NESCAFÉ® Plan is helping farmer, farming communities and our planet.

NESCAFÉ® India Story

  • The Journey Of Coffee

    The story of red handpicked cherries transform through a melody of art & science to deliver the bold taste of NESCAFÉ®.

  • NESCAFÉ® PLAN INDIA – Grown Respectfully

    Experience How NESCAFÉ® Plan is improving the livelihoods of thousands of coffee farmers, their families and farm workers in India .

  • My Story

    Watch Bopanna narrate the story of his legacy of coffee. The passion & dedication for coffee unites 825 farmers like Bopanna with NESCAFÉ®