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Our Glass Jars Never Die

If your NESCAFÉ jar could speak, what could it tell you about its previous life? It might have once been a jam jar, or a bottle of fizzy drink… or even another jar of NESCAFÉ!

We’re proud to sell our coffee in glass because it can be recycled endlessly without any loss of purity or quality. And the arguments for glass get even better when you look at the facts – over a ton of natural resources can be saved with every ton of glass we recycle.

The people who make our jars love recycling, too. It helps them save on their energy bills; they don’t have to buy as many raw materials, and using old glass extends the life of their glass-making furnaces.

So when you’ve finished enjoying your jar of NESCAFÉ, you know what to do. Pop it in the right recycling bin. Maybe you’ll see it again someday!

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