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Saving Water by Improving Efficiency

We’re putting less water into our coffee

While our coffee plants need a good supply of water to grow, we don’t want it to be at the expense of the local community. Our coffee is often grown in places where water’s scarce, so we’ve put our innovative brains to the challenge of helping our coffee farmers get smarter with how they use valuable H2O. It’s part of our commitment to ensure that when we make our coffee, it’ll never leave anyone else feeling thirsty.

In Vietnam we’re proud to have proven that quality coffee can be grown using 50-70% less irrigation water – and if all Vietnamese farmers adopted this practice, it could save the equivalent of 30% of the yearly water consumption of the Vietnamese population. And we’ve developed a free weather forecasting app that’s tailored to each farmer’s area – it tells them the best time to turn the taps on to irrigate their crops… and when to cut back for the good of their villages.

In India, we have decreased water usage by nearly 20% over the last 10 years (2010-2020) at our Coffee factory operations at Najanguda.

In our factories (which are often near the communities where we grow the coffee), we’ve globally saved the equivalent of 7,850 Olympic swimming pools of water every year, just by improving their efficiency. That’s 56 thousand million coffee cups – enough to go round the Earth 126 times!

Every time you drink a cup of NESCAFÉ, you’ll realise how important coffee is to us. But it’s never as important as fresh water for everyone else. 

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