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Steam & Coffee Ground Powered Factories

Steam & Coffee Ground Powered Factories

When you think of steam power, you probably think of old locomotives from the history books. But good old water vapour is at the beating heart of our modern, clean factories.

For instance, how do you think coffee granules are made? It’s actually a very clean process, using just water and culinary steam. 

Our best-in-class plants burn the waste coffee grounds that used to be thrown away, giving us all the fuel needed to make the steam. In India, 17% of the steam used in our factory operations is sourced from this spent coffee.

We’re proud to say we’ve globally reduced the carbon emissions by half from our factories in the last 10 years. That’s the same as the fuel load of 1,058 wide-bodied passenger jets – every year! But we won’t rest until we’ve reached net zero. 

All of this means that whenever you make a lovely steaming cup of NESCAFÉ®, you can enjoy it knowing that we are reducing carbon emissions.

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