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Want to know more about our range of premium instant coffees and the difference between the light and dark roast? Find all your roasting questions here.


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What is the NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection?

NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection is a range of two premium instant coffees for people looking for a refined, high-quality coffee at home. Each of the blends have been crafted by the NESCAFÉ GOLD master roasters and gives you the opportunity to experience the refined taste of expertly roasted coffee from the comfort of your own home.


The range is available in two blends: ‘Dark Roast’ with notes of rich dark chocolate and roasted nut for those that love an intense tasting coffee and 'Light Roast with notes of caramelised honey and toasted biscuit for those that love a smoother profile. Each blend is rich in Arabica and roasted in two batches for a unrivalled flavour and rich aroma.

What is light roast coffee?

A lightly roasted coffee describes how long and at what temperature the coffee beans have been roasted. Light roasted coffees are characterised by their light brown colour which means the coffee is has a milder taste, the body is also light and there’s plenty of acidity. Light roasted coffees have a smoother and delicate flavour and often have notes of toasted biscuit.

What is dark roast coffee?

A dark roasted coffee describes how long and at what temperature the coffee beans have been roasted. Dark roasted coffees are characterised by their dark brown colour which means a dark roast is the most intense tasting coffee and is far less acidic than light roasts. Dark roasted coffees have a bold and rich flavour and often have notes of dark chocolate.

What does it mean by 'expertly roasted'?

Each blend in the NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection is made of two unique batches of specially roasted coffees. Each batch is individually roasted at a different temperature to bring out the very best flavours of both beans, and only then are they blended together to create one unique instant coffee. Our master roasters call this ‘split roasting’ and have a patent to protect the NESCAFÉ GOLD expertise in this roasting process.

What is a Roastery?

A roastery is the place where our coffee beans are roasted in coffee roasting machines and where our master roasters bring to life the taste of expertly roasted coffee. Coffee roasting refers to the process where green coffee beans are heated in order to produce the final roasted beans used to create instant coffee.

What does 'rich in Arabica' mean?

All of our NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection coffees are rich in Arabica, which means the coffee blend is made from majority high quality Arabica coffee beans.


Find out more about where coffee beans come from and about Arabica beans here.

What does ‘tasting notes’ mean?

Coffee tasting notes describe the natural flavours that can be found in each of the coffee blends, like you can see on a bottle of wine. This does not mean any ‘flavours’ have been added, these flavours exist naturally in the coffee beans.


Expert coffee tasters use something called the ‘Sensory Lexicon’ to help them judge the subtle differences between coffees to determine these ‘notes’. These natural differences can come from the way the coffee was grown, milled and roasted and even the type of soil the tree was planted in can make a difference.


You can learn more about coffee tasting here.

What does the intensity number on the front of the tin mean?

The number on the front of the tin represents the coffee’s score in terms of flavour intensity. The scale is 1 to 10, 1 being very low, very weak flavoured coffee and 10 being a very intense, strong flavour of coffee. The scale does not represent the amount of caffeine content – you can find information on caffeine in coffee here.


NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection Dark Roast is an 8 out of 10 – which means it has a high flavour intensity and delivers a bold and intense flavour.


NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection Light Roast is an 5 out of 10 – which means it has a milder flavour intensity and delivers a smooth and delicate flavour.

Where can I buy NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection coffee?

You’ll be able to find the NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection instore and online. Please check the retailer websites for availability or the NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery product pages here on our website.

Why is the lid made of metal?

When we put so much respect into our coffee, it’s only natural that we care just as much about what we sell it in and aim to ensure it is packaged respectfully. So as part of our ongoing commitment to ensure all of our packaging is 100% recyclable or reusable by 2025 we’re designing packaging that’s easier to recycle and for NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection this means using an infinitely recyclable and plastic free metal lid.

How do I make a cup of NESCAFÉ GOLD Roastery Collection?

You just need to follow 3 simple steps:


  • Add 1 heaped teaspoon (1.8g) into your favourite mug.
  • Pour in 200ml of hot (85°C - not boiling) water.
  • Enjoy the taste of expertly roasted coffee!