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Delicious, ice-cold refreshment is just a few steps away - and the best part? You can easily make an iced coffee with NESCAFÉ instant coffee granules at home with minimal equipment. That's right - this recipe shows you how to make a delicious iced coffee at home without a blender. It's the perfect way to get your daily cup of coffee , and staying cool and refreshed in the summer heat. You don't even need to boil your kettle - but we'll get to that later. NESCAFÉ instant coffee granules are 100% pure coffee, so you'll bring that coffee shop taste into your home with an easy-to-make, delicious, creamy iced coffee, in just a few minutes.

That iced coffee feeling

On a sweltering hot day, there's nothing more tasty and refreshing than an iced coffee. In fact, you might even be wondering - "Why do I like cold coffee, but not hot coffee?" It's a valid question, with many answers. Preference and personal taste play a big part, but there's also been a surge in iced coffee drinkers over the past few years. Sometimes the weather is just too hot to enjoy a steaming cup of NESCAFÉ coffee - and an iced coffee becomes the perfect solution! All the flavours you love and trust, with a refreshing kick that keeps you cool and perks you up on a hot day. So get ready - we're about to show you how you can get that iced coffee feeling right at home, in just a few minutes.


  •  2 tsps. of your favourite NESCAFÉ instant coffee
  •  200ml cold water
  • 50ml milk or milk alternative (optional)
  • Syrup or sugar (optional - to taste)

To serve

  • A tall glass
  • A spoon


  1. Pour 200ml cold water into a glass.

    NESCAFÉ tip: NESCAFÉ instant coffee granules are 100% pure soluble coffee, meaning it dissolves in both hot and cold water. For your iced coffee fix, you just have to add cold water to dissolve them. There's no need to boil your kettle, so making this delicious iced coffee recipe helps to conserve energy.

  2. Add 2 tsps. of your favourite NESCAFÉ instant coffee to the water.

  3. Pour into a glass filled with as much ice as you like. Stir it well.

  4. Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece.



  1. Add in sugar or syrup to the mix – depending on your personal taste.
  2. Add in 50ml milk of your choice - dairy, or a non-dairy alternative. If you prefer your iced coffee black, you can skip this step.


Now that you've mastered this simple drink, why not try making one of our other delicious coffee recipes?

Turn iced coffee into an experience

There are so many ways to personalise your NESCAFÉ iced coffee to find your perfect flavour.

  • Adding flavoured syrup

    1. Adding flavoured syrup

    Instead of using normal sugar to sweeten your iced coffee, you can use a flavoured syrup. Flavours that work perfectly with coffee include hazelnut, toffee, and vanilla. Caramel and butterscotch are two sweeter flavours that pair perfectly with an iced coffee, and they're both very easy to make at home. Caramel sauce uses white granulated sugar, while butterscotch is made from brown sugar. It's an easy, delicious way to add sweetness and an extra bit of flavour to your iced coffee. Make it your way and find your favourite flavour combinations.

  • Extra ice cubes

    2. Extra ice cubes

    If you're someone who enjoys their iced coffee to be as cold as possible, you can always add extra ice cubes. You could even make these out of brewed coffee - this way, when you add them to your drink, it won't get watered down. Why not try adding some sugar to the coffee before freezing it for a dash of sweetness?

Iced coffee at home

Now that you have the basic steps, with a couple of suggestions from us here at NESCAFÉ, why not give our recipe a try? Remember to have fun, and to make it your way with our easy recipe as your starting point.



Is iced coffee just cold coffee?

Yes, precisely! The only difference is that iced coffee is made directly with cold water, instead of boiling your kettle first. While the ingredients are the same as a normal cup of coffee (coffee granules and water), you can add ice cubes, chilled milk, or whipped cream to flavour it with your personal style. It’s not the same as making a hot cup of NESCAFÉ and letting it cool – it’s about getting instant ice-cold refreshment from your favourite NESCAFÉ.

How to make froth in the iced coffee?

There are many ways to make froth for coffee, iced or hot. Use a whisk, an electric mixer, a coffee plunger, or a frothing machine to get your milk frothy and velvety. An even easier way to froth your milk is to use an empty jar - for example, you could even use an empty NESCAFÉ jar. Make sure the lid is on tight, and shake it up until the milk is as frothy as you like.

Note: Dairy milk froths better than plant-based alternatives.

What flavours make the best iced coffee?

Coffee is a versatile drink that works well with lots of different flavours. A good place to start would be with hazelnut, chocolate, or toffee flavours. This could be as simple as adding a spoon of chocolate spread, or some blocks of chocolate, for example. It's also easy to find flavoured syrups to add to your iced coffee, but the best flavours are the ones you make yourself. Try out a simple recipe for caramel or butterscotch sauce, add a bit to your NESCAFÉ iced coffee, and find your perfect flavour combination.