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NESCAFÉ Cappuccino

Save your money from cafés or expensive espresso machines by trying this easy cafe-quality Cappuccino recipe at home using NESCAFÉ instant coffee.


You don’t need an expensive espresso machine to create a creamy, frothy cappuccino that will taste as good as one made by a barista in a café – give our recipe a go and share your tips with hashtags #nescafeanz #coffeemyway #cappuccino


There are a couple of expert tricks to making a great tasting cappuccino at home.


Firstly, choose a coffee that is ‘roasty’ enough to taste great in a milky coffee. NESCAFÉ Gold Original is one of our most premium coffees, crafted from golden-roasted Arabica and Robusta coffee beans it delivers a rich aroma and smooth taste that is perfect with a milky coffee. For a stronger, darker coffee you can try NESCAFÉ Gold Intense.


Next, how are you going to froth your milk? There are some simple ways to create a creamy, frothy milk. The easiest is to heat your milk to warm (but not boiling) on the stove or in the microwave and then whip with a kitchen whisk or mini electric whisk to create a creamy froth. If you have a French Press/Coffee Plunger at home you can pour the warmed milk into the plunger and pump the plunger up and down to gently froth the milk.


And if you want all the work done for you, try a Nescafe Gold Cappuccino – our creamiest, frothiest sachet coffee.

  • 1 rounded teaspoon (3g) NESCAFÉ Gold Instant Coffee
  • Water that has just boiled and cooled for 30 secs
  • Milk of your choice
  • Sugar to taste (optional)
  • Drinking chocolate powder

Create It!


Add a teaspoon of NESCAFÉ Gold

Instant Coffee to your cup. If you

like sugar you can add it now. 



Carefully pour hot water into the

cup and stir to ensure coffee and

sugar are fully dissolved.


In a microwave-safe bowl, gently

heat milk in microwave until warm,

not boiling (approx 40 seconds).


Once warmed, whisk the milk

vigorously until you reach the

desired frothiness. Pour the frothy

milk into the cup of coffee and

sprinkle drinking chocolate powder

on top.


Remember to take care with hot

liquids and keep away from children

at all times.


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How to prepare a NESCAFÉ Cappuccino
How to prepare a NESCAFÉ Cappuccino

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