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Nescafé Azera My Way Latte


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Want to know more about our new way to make a delicious latte? Read on to find out more.

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What is NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte?

New NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte allows you to make delicious coffee shop-style real milk lattes, just how you like them, from the comfort of your own home. 

How is NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte different to other latte products?

Our ‘latte base’ is our special blend of ingredients which allows My Way latte to froth fresh milk creating smooth velvety layers – similar to your favourite, quality coffee shop latte. Not only is it incredibly easy to make following a simple 4-step process but it also requires no special equipment. And the best part is that you can create your latte your way; instead of just adding water, My Way Latte enables you to add your own fresh milk whether that be soya, almond, oat or coconut milk, the possibilities are endless!

How do I make a NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte using fresh milk?

  1. Simply add a couple of heaped teaspoons (11.5g) of our rich and creamy My Way Latte into your favourite mug. 
  2. Next, pour in your choice of fresh milk and stir to create your latte base. 
  3. Top it off with hot water and stir one final time. 
  4. Now sit back and watch as the rich velvety layers transform into your perfect frothy latte.

And there you go, a latte to rival your favourite coffee shop. 

You made it, your latte, your way.  

Where can I buy NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte?

You'll be able to find the new My Way Latte instore and online in Sainsbury’s, Asda and Waitrose and online at Ocado now with Tesco, Morrisons and Co-op due later this year.


As this is a new NESCAFÉ coffee product the launch dates will vary by retailer, so please check the retailer website for availability or the NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte product page here on our website.. 

What are the main ingredients in NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte?

There are three main ingredients – latte base, sugar, instant coffee.

Does NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte contain dairy? 

Although you can add any milk of your choice, My Way Latte is not dairy free. Our latte base contains a special blend of ingredients to create our frother – which contains dairy. 

What does 'invert before use' mean on the tin?

Our advice, ‘invert before use’, is purely a suggestion. We recommend inverting – tipping upside down – all tins of NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte before use. This ensures that all settling which can cause your NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte to compress in the bottom of the tin during transportation and storage is loosened, helping us give you the best tasting coffee, with the right serving size.. 

Why is NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte tin half empty?

Don’t worry, your tin is unlikely to be half empty (phew!). The reason you see some space at the top of your tin is due to the natural compression of your NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte powder which can happen during transportation and storage. We recommend that you invert – tipping upside down – your tin of My Way Latte before use. This will help loosen the powder again, removing the space you see at the top of your tin. 

Why do I need to keep NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte in the fridge after opening?

Our advice, ‘store in the fridge after opening’, is purely a recommendation. However, keeping the product cold will help keep your My Way Latte coffee fresher for longer. This is why we recommend you storing the product in the fridge to deliver maximum freshness, for as long as possible.

What is your frother?

We call the ingredient which allows the NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte to froth fresh milk our ‘latte base’. This ingredient is a secret blend of ingredients (hint, if you want to check out the ingredients list on the tin, there are some clues there!) but in essence, it is made in a way which encapsulates gas. When you add the hot water to the NESCAFÉ AZERA My Way Latte powder, the gas is able to escape, infusing the milk with small bubbles to create our distinct froth. Not dissimilar to how you infuse milk with bubbles of air when you whisk it. Because this happens when you only have 100% milk in the cup, the texture of the froth is much more similar to what you get from frothing fresh milk in a milk frother, and is one of the key reasons why My Way Latte delivers a truly distinct drinking experience compared to what’s already available in the market.

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