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A bold or delicate coffee experience that's actively working on our carbon reduction journey.

Let us show you the origins of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND

More and more of us want to know where our cup of coffee comes from, how it's manufactured and the impact it has on our planet. Which is why we are excited to be able to share our NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Origins journey with you.


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And we're working with a number of partners along the way. So wherever you see these symbols, you know that our carbon footprint has been checked, measured and certified by the global climate consultancy, Carbon Trust.
We conducted a Life Cycle Assessment to measure our carbon footprint and this is where our reduction journey has started. Since 2018, we've been measruing and working to use our coffee beans more efficiently, whilst keeping the taste you love.


It'll be challenging but we're fully committed to further reductions in the coming years. For example, we aim to increase recycled materials as well as work on more planned actions.
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Discover our sustainability initiatives

Here is how we are making our Origins coffee range more sustainable.
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The batch code will show you where your coffee comes from, when and how it is made

Would you like to know how your cup of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Origins made its way from where its grown to your cup?​​ Just enter your product’s batch code into the box below and tap the button. We will then show you where your favourite coffee originated and how it was made.
Batch code
Batch code

Come along the journey to learn and act with us

Discover our NESCAFÉ Gold Blend Origins Alta Rica carbon footprint (3,5kgCO2eq per 100g*) through every step of the life cycle.


We carefully track how our responsibly sourced coffee* is grown and transported to our facilities.


of the total 3,5kg CO2eq per 100g carbon footprint


We monitor all energy used to make your favourite coffee, such as the electricity and steam used in freeze-dried process.


of the total 3,5kg CO2eq per 100g carbon footprint


Whether it's glass,plastic or paperboard, we use the most suitable packaging materials for storing and transporting your NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Origins Alta Rica.


of the total 3,5kg CO2eq per 100g carbon footprint


We monitor the journeys involved in transporting your favourite coffee jars to your local stores.


of the total 3,5kg CO2eq per 100g carbon footprint


The way you prepare your Gold Blend Origins Alta Rica and wash your cup has an important impact. To help limit it , follow our preparation guide on your jar.


of the total 3,5kg CO2eq per 100g carbon footprint

Carbon journey discovery complete

Now you know more about our coffee making process and carbon footprint for NESCAFÉ GOLD Blend Origins Alta Rica
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Stay tuned

Follow us as we work to make NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Origins more sustainable. Enter your details and opt in below.