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NESCAFÉ AZERA x The Prince's Trust 2023

For the past 9 years we have been giving young people the chance to design our NESCAFÉ AZERA packaging through our annual AZERA By Design competition.

2023 marks the third year of our AZERA By Design partnership with The Prince’s Trust, whereby we have donated £280,000 to the charity since the partnership began in order to directly help young people.

This year we have launched our 2023 annual AZERA By Design competition to give 5 young people the chance to design our tins of coffee to showcase their artwork to the nation, in addition to a cash prize.

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What is AZERA By Design? 

The idea behind this competition is to showcase the talent of young people supported by The Prince’s Trust on a national scale, and to help start them in their careers by giving them opportunities to network with industry experts.

The designs are not only beautiful but they each spread a positive message. This year, the brief for the AZERA By Design competition was focused on ‘making a difference’. We asked the young people supported by the charity to reflect on the world around them and to think about how they like to make a difference in their lives; this could be to other individuals, communities or the planet.

The history of AZERA By Design 

NESCAFÉ first partnered with University for the Creative Arts (UCA) in 2015 to launch an exciting initiative that creates limited-edition coffee tin packaging that feels different and meaningful. Working with talented graphic design students, and incorporating impactful stories and designs, has enabled us to produce designs that not only connect with the shopper but also support and celebrate cultural and personal experiences.

The project quickly became a fan favourite and ‘NESCAFE AZERA By Design’, as we like to call it, is now in its 9th year. 

‘Jungle’ by Julie Becaud


“I thought about designing something natural, organic, and leafy. As someone who always works with colours, I was able to merge this all into a very simple yet effective design. My style always sort of originates from organic shapes and my design for this competition reflects just that. Being recognised for a design that is authentic to myself is such an amazing feeling.”

NESCAFÉ AZERA x Julie Becaud

‘Be Kind, Spread Love’ by Hannah Joseph


“Kindness is a universal language that any race or language can speak. Something as simple as a hug, a high five or even just a smile, needs no words to make a world of a difference in someone’s life. I used this mindset for this design.”

NESCAFÉ AZERA x Hannah Joseph

‘Sunshine’ by Esther Johnson


“With the brief being ‘Making a Difference’, my interpretation was to make a difference to someone’s day. Sunflowers and Roses always make me smile, so I wanted to create a design that could make others smile. I started sketching sunflowers during lockdown to cheer me up, my hope is to make others feel how I did during that time.”

NESCAFÉ AZERA x Esther Johnson

‘Helping Hand’ by Jay Adlam


“In my mind, coffee has always felt like a blend of community and the environment. To many, coffee is the warming start of their day. I wanted my design to invoke positive emotions for the person having their first cup of the day and the idea of going forward to make a difference in their lives through small acts of kindness and being eco-friendly whilst you’re at it.”


‘Something Sweet’ by Bethany Davies


“My design draws inspiration from Japanese kawaii illustrations, which are known for their adorable and heartwarming aesthetics. By featuring a pattern of doughnuts, a symbol of sweetness and comfort, I aimed to create packaging that not only delights coffee lovers but also brings a smile to their faces.”

NESCAFÉ AZERA x Bethany Davies

Find out where to buy NESCAFÉ AZERA for your next shop

Find out where to buy NESCAFÉ AZERA for your next shop

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NESCAFÉ AZERA By Design is a campaign which brings so many of us together, and is one that will continue to inspire generations to come! Take a look at our AZERA By Design archive over the years, and discover how to campaign has grown over the years.