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Nescafé Azera limited edition tin designs from 2015 to 2019

Limited Edition Design Archive

Supporting talented designers since 2015

Limited Edition Packaging

In 2015 we partnered with the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) to launch an exciting initiative that creates limited edition packaging that feels different and meaningful. By working with talented graphic design students, impactful stories and designs are produced each year that connect with you, our shopper. The project quickly became a fan favourite and ‘NESCAFE AZERA By Design’, as we like to call it, is now in its 6th year.

You can browse the winning designs on our 100g tins from 2015 to 2019 below.

Let us know what your favourite is on social media @nescafeazera (Instagram) and @NescafeAzera (Twitter).



Julie Becaud


“I thought about designing something natural, organic, and leafy. As someone who always works with colours, I was able to merge this all into a very simple yet effective design. My style always sort of originates from organic shapes and my design for this competition reflects just that. Being recognised for a design that is authentic to myself is such an amazing feeling.”
Hannah Joseph

Be Kind, Spread Love

“Kindness is a universal language that any race or language can speak. Something as simple as a hug, a high five or even just a smile, needs no words to make a world of a difference in someone’s life. I used this mindset for this design.”
Be Kind, Spread Love
Esther Johnson


“With the brief being ‘Making a Difference’, my interpretation was to make a difference to someone’s day. Sunflowers and Roses always make me smile, so I wanted to create a design that could make others smile. I started sketching sunflowers during lockdown to cheer me up, my hope is to make others feel how I did during that time.”
Jay Adlam

Helping Hand

“In my mind, coffee has always felt like a blend of community and the environment. To many, coffee is the warming start of their day. I wanted my design to invoke positive emotions for the person having their first cup of the day and the idea of going forward to make a difference in their lives through small acts of kindness and being eco-friendly whilst you’re at it.”
Helping Hand
Bethany Davies

Something Sweet

“My design draws inspiration from Japanese kawaii illustrations, which are known for their adorable and heartwarming aesthetics. By featuring a pattern of doughnuts, a symbol of sweetness and comfort, I aimed to create packaging that not only delights coffee lovers but also brings a smile to their faces.”
Something Sweet


Holly Ramsay

Groovy Gardens

"The idea behind my design is that it's a stylish tin that will make a statement everywhere it goes! Why can't practical things be funky?! If the packaging is reusable and looks fabulous then it will be kept and repurposed, which is a big win for good ol' planet Earth!"
Groovy Gardens
Farhana Ibrahim

Green Upcycling movement

"This design is inspired by the difficult past two years that the world has been going through. During the lockdowns, it was a time for us all to reset and focus on what is important in life. These values are depicted on the canvas bags which are a symbol of upcycling and sustainability. The values include family, energy saving, looking after the planet and love."
Green Upcycling movement
Ágnes V. Móricz

Cafe Nouveau

"Inspired by art movements, mindfulness, and the future of sustainable coffee plantations, I wished to create a tin that someone would like to keep as a piece of art in their surroundings, no matter if it is going to be in the office, home, or garden."
Cafe Nouveau
Edyta Skros

The Lush Floral Impression

"The design was inspired by my visits to my mum's beautiful village garden, where I love spending time with her. The design is influential for me, because eye-catching motifs give elements of ornamental flourishes and swirling formations, paired with pastel washes. My mother has been very influential through many journeys in my life."
The Lush Floral Impression
Tayabah Makhmood

Colour your World!

"The inspiration came from my love of abstract art. I wanted to design something that would allow me to add many colours as certain colours alter our mood. I want everyone to enjoy my tin and brighten their day whenever they have a drink!"
Colour your World!


Kimberly McGregor

A positive boost for the mornings

"The reason behind this design is to produce a mental health boost whilst combating loneliness. The focus was to include many aspects that reflect me, the things that I am passionate about and the things that make me feel positive. I want to spark happiness and intrigue people when they see the tin, I want them to spend time looking for various illustrations they can see."
A positive boost for the mornings
Emma-Leigh Hayes


"Plants give me joy, clean my air, and reiterate that I have a purpose here. They need me, and that makes me so happy. They're like silent cheerleaders reminding me 'you can do it!' when the depression shadow whispers that I can’t."
Kieran Bond

Go For It

"My design is full of motivational sticky notes, with the aim of giving you a burst of motivation to get you through the day, or to raise spirits in the morning! We all deserve to feel motivated, even when the world around us is crazy."
Lily Beer


"My design conveys the warmth felt when reaching out to connect with loved ones."
Emily Shine

Lifting Each Other Higher

“My design is inspired by community and the community spirit that has carried us through this pandemic. Ironically even when we haven't been able to see each other for the majority of 2020, community has never been more important.”


Troy Simms and Kaiz Nawsath

Conversation Starters

"We think the world could do with a bit more friendliness. Watch our video to hear more."
Conversation Starters
Nick Moore

Standing for Understanding

"When I see somebody understand gender a little better, it gives me happiness. Watch my video to hear more."
Montell Barrett-Brooks

Just Dance

"Dancing has the beautiful power to bring people together. Watch my video to hear more".
Mohan Yang

Be True to You

"No matter what language you speak, where you grew up, or where you now call home, we are all born equal. Watch my video to hear more."
Charlotte Johnson

Mindful Footsteps

"Many suffer in silence with anxiety or depression – I was one of those people! Watch my video to hear more."


Justina Radaviciute


"Cirrus is inspired by the images we imagine in the clouds, as well as the steam trails we see leaving a freshly brewed coffee cup. Sometimes the most interesting stories occur within the four corners of our curious minds."
George Stockley

Drink Me

"From a glance you can’t read me, but the design pulls you in – creating a satisfying feeling, that your curiosity has been rewarded, once you discover what the text reveals."
Austin Hazzard & Ravan Shokar


"Graffiti is free flowing; it tells a story and is a way to peek into the mind of an artist, while creating a scene that sparks curiosity from the viewer. Our design shows our minds after we enjoy a nice warm cup of coffee."
Ethan Salmon

Our Hands

"We use our hands to communicate – to create, to write, to touch and to feel. Connected through a ribbon you can follow the hands as you become curious as to what they represent:  they spell out ‘UPLIFTING’ in sign language, and I hope that’s how this design makes you feel."
Alex Barrett

Lino Flowers

"Autumn has always captivated me: the leaves fall and turn rich, beautiful colours to create a wonderland. Made as an original lino cut, I used the hand-crafted technique to recreate the soothing chaos of the season."


Nicholas Hurren

Barcelona Blues

"My favourite coffee moments have been in Barcelona where Gaudí’s work is prominent across the city and found in the most unexpected places. Inspired by his famous mosaics and use of blue, I gave each tile its own shape and story, bringing them together to create the final design."
Barcelona Blues
Leon Hill

Thinking Out Loud

"Thinking out loud represents the fluidity of art and coffee. It was influenced by urbanism and peoples love for creative thinking. It’s important to stop sometimes and watch the world to gather sense and inspiration for a new adventure."
Aleksandra Glebocka

Urban Walk

"The design showcases billions of urbanites who wake up, enjoy their morning coffee ritual and trek across their city to whatever happens to be on their agenda for the day and experience something new. This is one of the unique features of urban living — the unexpected city experience."
Paddy Tate


"The best adventures you can have don’t always happen on a sunny day. I was inspired by the umbrellas I saw while I enjoyed a hot coffee and hid from the rain. There was a strong contrast between the bright colours, walkways and crossings people use in the city."
Obaayaa Kwarteng


"After drinking a coffee, one of my favourite things to do is go and find unexpected places on my urban adventure. This design was inspired by spotlights inside of a club in Soho. I like the simplicity of the fading lights because it says a lot."
Sarah Adams

Grates & Handrails

"Only when taking the time to go on an urban adventure, will you discover the interesting layering of shapes and textures often overlooked by busy commuters. I stopped with my coffee and noticed the simple grates and handrails transform into a fascinating photographic moment."
Vanity Mistry

Colourful Path

"I have designed a colourful, dynamic and fun pattern that is inspired by street art. The unexpected shapes and colours showcase the personalities of those who are independent and expressive! Coffee to me brings joy and happiness and I wanted the design to reflect the same positive energy for younger culturally savvy urbanites."


Lauren Mauger


"This design was created using bubble wrap and acrylic paint. It represents having fun and what brings more joy than playing with bubble wrap!"
Olivia Edwards

Flight Of Freedom

"This design represents freedom inspired by birds flying in the sun-lit clouds. That freedom is expressed in the spontaneity of the Brazilian Carnival colours used."
Purvaja Patel

Golden City

"This design is inspired by San Francisco. Here coffee is more than just a drink; it’s a daily ritual and it brings together friends and families."
Ji Woon Kwak

Take Your Sky

"Each cloud has a unique shape and similarly, people dream in unique ways. This design represents those who run towards their dreams."
Carlos Viveiros


"This design showcases the process of coffee from the berries, to the blooming of the flowers, the branches and the roasted ground beans."
Alyssa-Tara Watling


"This design is inspired by the beauty of Brazil, particularly the vibrant colours of the native fauna. The concentric circles are inspired by the eye of the Toucan."
Alistair Mackenzie

Shooting Goals

"Shooting Goals is an interpretation of aiming high through positive thinking. The light trail effect deliberately travels in an upward direction to reflect ambition."
Mahima Jaju


"Things come in different sizes, shapes and colours. Each unique piece makes the larger puzzle complete and each piece’s role is equally important and meaningful."
Bruna Souza Ribas


"Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian art combining dance, music, sport and play. It reminds me of waking up in Brazil to the smell of coffee and hearing kids playing capoeira in the street."


Penelope Speer & Natalie Francis


"Inspired by the molecule shape in caffeine that produces the euphoria and pleasant feelings that people often associate with the first cup of coffee in the morning. The design creates a busy ‘hive’ pattern, a ‘busy bee’ look and feel which fits with the product’s target audience profile."
Sanjana Jain & Neha Shah


"Inspired by life in an urban setting; the roads, the traffic, the lights! Inspires us to keep up with our fast-paced lives which can often seem like an intriguing puzzle. With NESCAFÉ AZERA you can find an excuse to pause, relax a bit and reflect upon your busy day."
Anna Brooks & Sandy Matta

City Sunrise

"Captures the warm, urban feeling of drinking coffee. Inspired by latte art on coffee shop coffees. The sharp angles on the lines reflect the different emotions that coffee evoke. The colourways are inspired by early morning sunrises."
Ryan Simmons, Chris Fewin and Rachel Hayes

Hustle & Bustle

"A playful approach, taking the original NESCAFÉ AZERA logo and breaking it up to create a bold graphic style, which aims to evoke the energy of our consumers’ busy lives."
Emma Sprules

Floral Fashion

"Inspired by fashion and a busy achievers’ taste for the contemporary. The floral design links in with the spring campaign launch and evokes the feeling of warmer, energising times. A non repeat, organic, pattern celebrates individuality and variety."
Sanjana Jain & Neha Shah

Paper Planes

"Inspired by childhood, and the boundless aspiration and optimism that children have. Encouraging consumers to make the most of life, and dream of bigger and better things. You can always fly by simply folding a piece of paper."
Charles Anker-Smith & Harry Brown

Conquer The Day

"Inspired by mountain ranges and the challenge they evoke. When you wake up in the morning, the day ahead can be seen as a challenge, a cup of coffee can help you conquer those every day. Sharp, pointing lines embody the strong kick the coffee gives you and  the elevation you feel after drinking NESCAFÉ AZERA."


Alex Donne Davis & Oliver Smith

The Creative Spark

"This is all about graphically representing the enticing aroma of NESCAFÉ AZERA. Creating an explosion of colour and abstract shapes emerging from the brand logo."
The Creative Spark
Conor Dowse & Carla Graves

Morning Chorus

"Inspired by that first morning coffee and designed to evoke the serenity one feels when sipping NESCAFÉ AZERA and hearing the birds sing, setting a positive tone for the day to follow."
Ieva Straupaite


"This disruptive design aims to attract the eye to the NESCAFÉ AZERA tin by using wavy lines, which create motion."
Charlotte O’Bee, Claudia Ramcke & Louise Griffin

Flower Watching

"This design team love to wake up and sit drinking coffee at a table dressed with flowers. This design aims to bring this moment to life, so everyone can enjoy NESCAFÉ AZERA with beautiful flowers."
Jamie Bitmead, Perry Harding & Mason Termill

Glitch Art

"A blend of classic tessellation and digital ‘glitch’ art. Creating a fun, urban and eye-catching design that reflects the NESCAFÉ AZERA personality."
Sarah Jane Clark


"Tapping into a contemporary passion for travel and henna prints, this design is a hand-crafted expression of taste exploration, reflecting the quality of NESCAFÉ AZERA."

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